Thursday, November 27, 2014

a shabby silky fairy pouch with Craft Attitude

After my initial success transferring the Alice In Wonderland text to a satin covered paper, what could be left but to try Craft Attitude on silk?

Using the same technique that Roni did in her Vintage Glove Collage, I added a lovely little Altered Pages collage fairy to a piece of very textured silk:
You can see from the close-up how the film forms to the fabric, almost as if this little cutie is woven into the silky slub.
I'm thinking it should have a beaded strap?
Happy Thanksgiving to all our Altered Pages stateside friends!


  1. Very nice fairy pouch. Great shabby chic project. Love how the film clings to the silky fabric, too.

  2. Love the close up shot - you really can see how the transfer melds with the fabric! Sweet pouch Trisha!

  3. Very pretty Trisha! I agree with the beaded strap...would be lovely.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of the AP readers as well!

  4. I love the faded worn vintage look of your project. Very elegant!

  5. So very vintage - LOVE the look of this.

  6. This turned out beautifully, Trisha. Love the image you chose for it, too. So very vintage!

  7. Fantastic and so very beautiful. It is simply a perfect blend of old and new (technology).