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The Early Bird Gets the Worm

On Groundhog Day 2018, Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter, that is just two weeks away!  Spring will be here just in time for Easter and the early bird gets the worm!  Today's tag would be great on a spring hostess gift.  

March is all about STENCILS!

Supplies: Large Watercolor Tag Gelatos: Yellow and Green Water Brush Water Inks: assorted colors Stencil - Raven Scape Stencil - Branches Flowers Tacky Glue Ribbon

MistLarge Watercolor Tag with water, apply layers of Gelatos: Yellow and Greenby scribbling on mat and applying with Water Brush!
Use Stencil - Branches apply brown ink with sponge. 
Use Stencil - Raven Scape to add bird, numbers and more with inks in assorted colors!
Attach flowers to tag with Tacky Glue.  Finally add ribbons to the tag.

A Touch of Red

I altered a cigar box to make a gift box. 

I used Prima flowers, Dixie Belle Chalk Paint, Sabor embellishments,Stencils with hearts, Gelatos, Art Alchemy Sparks Ginger Magic, fabric tape and MicaColor. 

I used the lemonade chalk to cover the box.

Then I used the MicaColor to run the Sparkle Gold down the sides in drips.

I took the Prima flowers and used a marker to color the edges and then sprayed with alcohol to blend the color.

I use some textured cardstock and rubbed gold gelato on it to get a nice look.  I also used one of your stencils and cut out the bee medallion. 

I used the Stencil and some Art Anthology to make a textured embellishment on the top and sides

Alice & the Queen!

A large tag with a story.  The Rabbit running with his watch.  The tea party in the garden and the Queen of Hearts yelling, "Off with her Head".
Supplies: Large Oversized Tag Spray Mist Red Flowers Paper Red Glitter Glue stick Gelatos Blue & Yellow Altered Pages Collage Sheet Alice and Queen Muse Alice's Mad Party Stamps Lace Tissue Dimensional Foam Ink Charm watch Ribbon
Spray Mist Red on Large Oversized Tag, dry.  Adhere papers to tag with glue stick..  Stamp Rabbit, "Late" and "Alice's Utterly Mad Party" from Muse Alice's Mad Party Stamps on tissue, attach with glue stick. Add collage image of Alice's tea party to tag with glue stick.  Fussy cut stamped image of Alice, color with Gelatos Blue & Yellow.  Attach Alice to card with  Dimensional Foam. Fussy cut Queen attach to card with glue stick.  Cut small heart, cover with Red Glitter, attach with Dimensional Foam
Finally add flower and butterflies and ribbon!

Do you ever a have BLANK day?

I sure did go blank today. 
As much as I love creating, life sometimes gets in the way. Here are some tips to get over the BLAHS. Humor can help.  Think of a funny quote and run with it in your art.  Envision the words but in art form!
I see a watercolor banana or a collaged banana or a deconstructed picture of Betty White in a collage with or without a banana. We have some snarky and humorous word stamps to kickstart a card idea.

Another great way to jumpstart your creations.  Take ONE item from your art supplies and lay it down on paper or whatever is handy.   I tear apart cardboard or corrugated boxes for a base.  Use a text page and scribble with a gelato, blend it and see what happens.   Add another layer of torn paper or a stenciland you are halfway to a gorgeous artwork.  Our collages create magic!

I hope this helps with some inspiration for your week of creating ART.
This week All Gelatos are; buy one - get one free; order your choices and we adjust the payment amount before proces…

Just Begin!

We've all learned to appreciate a job well done, but before that can happen you have to get a good start!  This is true whether it's a job or a hobby.  You might be amazing at something, but you won't know until you begin.  

Today's project started with a monoprint on my gel plate.  I like to collect interesting patterned items to use with my prints.  The shapes in this print are from an empty adding machine tape roll and the wheel from an empty tape runner.
My print was made on a scrap of blue card stock with blues, greens and red paint.  We're all about red this month so I sponged in some red ink on the page and left some random areas untouched so that the other colors would pop out.
The addition of the permanent ink really altered the paint colors.  I added a little darker red around the edges after the paper was trimmed to size, in this case it's an A6 card panel.  I also dipped the edges into the dark ink so the blue paper wouldn't be obvious.
To keep the …