Saturday, October 22, 2016

October Viewer ATCs Week 3

We would like you to join us in the ATC Challenge!!! 

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Here are the ATCs we received this week!

Iona B Unny
Debbie Chant Reid
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Friday, October 21, 2016

Altered Tin With Surprise Giftie Inside

Hi guys!  I have a fun little altered tin for you today.  I think this just makes the cutest gift and I already have a friend in mind to give this to.  She LOVES Halloween about as much as I do, so I know this will be a hit. 

I began using a tin from Altered Pages that you can find here.   I added vintage text paper, a fun pumpkin collage and some ribbon and twin to cover the tin.  I really love the Gothic Lace Stickers that you can see here at the top and bottom of the tin.  They are a wonderful textural element and so easy to use.
Next, I added vintage black cat images to bottle caps using Crystal Lacquer.  You can find all sorts of wonderful Halloween images here.  The Crystal Lacquer was used under the image to adhere it to the bottle cap and again on top to create a resin type look over the top of the image.  Crystal Lacquer is self leveling so that makes it great for this application and it doesn't take over night to dry...Bonus!

And, I added a little charm bobble at the bottom for some extra fun and glimmer.
These skull charms would be awesome too!
I added a bit more Crystal Lacquer to the pumpkins eyes to give them a little extra umph.  I didn't really want to use the word pop seeing as these are eyeballs that we are talking about. Ew!  ;-)

I then added a little gothic label to the back so I could sign and date my creation.  When able, always sign and date your art or craft never know what journey your works will take and whose hands they will end up in some day. 

Here are a few more shots... Can I Just say...look at that beautiful background paper.  That is from the lovely line of Sabor Papers that you can find here. 

Please join us all month long as we show you how to alter boxes, tins, bins, etc. 
Thanks for stopping by!   Stephanie Siatta for Altered Pages
Here is a list of supplies used for this project.
Halloween Collage Images
Metal Tin
Bottle Caps
Bottle Cap Clear Dome Stickers
Misc. Ribbons and Trims
Crystal Lacquer
Vintage Text Pages


Thursday, October 20, 2016

altered gift box with braille

I made a pendant for a  friend, and decided to alter a gift box to go with it.
This particular friend is blind, so I used paints, and then little jewels to spell her name in braille.

 (Have you ever tried to read braille?  It's hard!)

Here's the pendant--I'm going to add a ribbon:
Nothing fancy, just a little something fun!

I used paints for the box, but not inks and stamps?  Or even a little all-over collage, with occasion appropriate images?  Speaking of occasion appropriate images from Altered Pages, I also like to alter little jewelry boxes into Christmas ornaments, like this one:
instructions here.

Thank you for stopping by today;  there will be more altered boxes all this month at Altered Pages!  If you've missed some posts, you might want to scroll through and see all the wonderful ideas from the Design Team this month.
Happy Thursday to you,

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gum Box Urn

Gum Box Urn by Debi Tullier

Halloween is a fun time for me. I love making "haunted" pieces for everyday use. This little gum box will be filled with buttons in my sewing room! What fun I have so glad that you are here!

Here are my supplies:
Gum Box on hand
Aleene’s tacky glue
Alcohol Marker black to color the glass glitter
Glass Glitter 
Dixie Bell Paints
Pan Pastels
Crayon to melt
Batik waxmelter (on hand)
Collage Sheet Night Terrors

Join me next month! Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wine Gift Box Redo

Wish your gift of organic, artisan wine could be presented with more than a cute bow? has the answer. (Of course this is not limited to wine; think bubble bath, DIY vinegar, local olive oil, etc...)

Way better, correct?! So easy peasy and mistake-proof, really!

Here is what you need to order:
Paper Mache Tall Box  
Dixie Belle Chalk Paints and Glazes  
Leaves Stencil  

Paper mache loves chalk paint! First, I used the leaf stencil and the Mud Puddle paint. Then I covered most of the box in Buttercream paint with a chip brush, dry brushing thin coats and wiping off as needed.

Next I used a soft cloth and rubbed in more Mud Puddle in places.

Nice, but I needed to add this season's big metallic--GOLD! The Gold Glaze was rubbed all over the entire box and lid.

I let it set a moment while I opened the Grunge Glaze and used the cloth to add a thin layer to the box and lid.

I adhered ribbon and embellishments to the lid and there you have it!!

So easy peasy, and it dries so fast, that it is a great last minute project. 
Thank you for checking out October box ideas from your ever fabulous Design Team!!
Ciao for now,
-Trish Alger

Monday, October 17, 2016

Spooky Halloween Coffin & Poe Tin

Available this year from AlteredPages,com for Halloween decorating and festivities is this fabulous kit!!! There is still time before Halloween to order!

Wooden Coffin Kit

The kit includes a wooden coffin (4 1/2 inches wide x 8 inches tall) with a wedge stand. Instructions and supplies including papers, vintage music sheets and text pages, ribbon, Skulls & trims for completion.

Working on my coffins, I have painted them with black gesso.  They are drying now.


1.5 x 1.5 Tin - a tin being my box today!

Cover back with pattern paper, edge with black ink!

Poe image from Altered Pages Edgar Allen Poe collage sheet, cut to fit inside the tin This is my project for the 31 Days of Halloween over on my blog today!

Adhere to the inside the tin.
Add embellishments: Heart, Skull, Raven and cheese cloth.

Creepy spider in the side of the tin.
Check back tomorrow for another altered box by Trish Alger.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Boxes and More Boxes, Talking Heads!

Have the Altered Boxes inspired you this week?   

I have one I hope you will like.    I call her 'A Solid Thinker'.    I will show you the finished project next week....

The head is a sketch I drew on a small box and colorized using the Colored Pencil Tin set.   I also used  neon ink from Imagine Crafts.  

She can be a bit hard headed and her line of sight is not so great.  BUT she is a solid thinker.  

Stay Tuned for more creating and more PINK for October.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

October Viewer ATCs Week 2

Since we had such great participation from viewers we decided to continue the ATC Challenge and keep posting ATC's from all of you!!!   
Submit your ATC Art to our Facebooks page and get in on the FUN.
We will do monthly prize drawings for those who participate. 
If you use Altered Pages product on your ATC it will count as two entries in the drawing.
Use #alteredpagesATC with your photo Facebook posting.
Any theme, keep it clean and non-political please.
Jen Rothstein from the Altered Pages Design Team
Watch the blog this month for Altered Boxes!