Saturday, April 30, 2016


What a wonderful month we have had here at Altered Pages working with our awesome partner Sabor.  Not only are the papers a very high quality, they are very festive and the colors are vibrant!!!  Our design team really knocked the candy out of the piƱata this month with all the great projects and inspiration!

Today I would like to share a few of the AWESOME projects from the Altered Pages Design Team!

Also a Kit available HERE at Altered Pages!

Also a Kit available HERE at Altered Pages!

SABOR Papers are available at Altered Pages 

 To go with the papers a package of the high quality cutouts!!

SABOR AMOR and OLE Cutouts!!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Sabor Table Decor

Liven up your Cinco de Mayo table with a festive centerpiece and pyramid boxes to contain yummy Mexican Wedding cookies. 
You can whip up this tablescape in a snap.

The list of supplies is as follows:

Tissue Paper
Pipe Cleaners
Plastic Straws
Pringles Can

I cut the empty Pringles can in half and glued a circle of paper to the bottom of the open can. 
Strips of double sided tape were added around the can at the top and the bottom. 

Using the postcard sized paper it covered most of the can and was the perfect height. I filled in the gaps with pieces of background paper.

The mini ball trim was great where the papers met.

The finished cans:

Too cute, huh?

On to the pyramid boxes. This is a simplified version that does not require a diecut machine.
Cut a 6 x 6 section of paper and score at 2" intervals. Turn and score at 2" intervals the other direction.

This is how it should look:

Cut off the corner squares.

Find the center point of each outside square and draw a line to the connecting edge on each side. 

Cut the outside edges. This will be a triangular point when done. 
It looks like a throwing star.

Punch a small hole towards the top of each point, fold up the sides, and thread the sari ribbon through each to enclose over the cookie. A small piece of tissue paper can be placed under the treat if you wish.

Now to finish the centerpiece. I placed a piece of tissue paper in each can and filled halfway with dried beans. I added plastic straws with a small slit in the end to hold my Latin cards.

More in love with it than ever! I found a simple tutorial for tissue flowers; and folded and cut my way to colorful fluffiness. 
Here is the Sabor Table Decor in all it's glory, complete with treat:

I hope that you have had as much fun as we have with Sabor this month. The Design Team has been working hard to inspire all with the Sabor festivities. Please let us know you stopped by.

Ciao for now,
-Trish Alger


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring Butterflies

Hi Everyone!  Danie here with you of my favorite collage sheets from Altered Pages which I use often is called Beautiful Butterflies.  I just love butterflies they are such an inspiration in life and share so many beautiful messages.  One such message is that of transformation which is a message often shared by the Season of Spring so today I thought I'd combine the two together and play about in my large Dylusions Journal.

                          Butterflies in flight - a scan to give you a close up of my journal page

I got messy creating the background across two pages which started with me having all my butterflies cut out from the collage sheet and have a quantity of circles in two different sizes punched out from some cheaper white paper.  As I progressed however I decided to create on only one page leaving the background on the other for another day.

I started by cutting and punching out!

Ensuring I was working on pages I had already Gessoed in my journal I simply took a selection of paint in Spring Colors squeezed some out directly onto the pages and smeared them around with a foam brush to cover the majority of the white.

Added paint direct to the page and smeared around.

I then took the circles and randomly placed them across the painted background I had created.

Punched circles become masks.

Taking Spray Inks in colors similar to my paint colors I then sprayed the pages with the circles in place and allowed some time for this to dry a bit before using a paper towel to mop up any excess spray and then removed the circles.

A layer of spray ink used with the circle masks.

The spray ink added further depth of color and colored in some of the white space initially left at the completion of my paint layer.  As you can see in the above photo the circles ensured that the background behind them while they were in place was unaffected by the spray ink and this has left a interesting shadow like effect on the background made up with circles.

Stenciling with the left over piece from my punched circles.

At this stage I added some further paint in the same colors I started with and took some punchinella and using some of the blue and a bit of white stencilled with it in some areas.  I then took the strip of paper I had punched some of the circles out of and used this as a stencil across the bottom of my page with black paint.

Stamping, more paint and masked circles.

I then took some black paint and a texture stamp and stamped into and across my background, before taking two new paint colors and the circles once more to mask and create more circles and another layer of paint across the page.  Using my finger and the punchinella I also added a little white paint to lighten up some areas.  In total I used six paint colors plus black and white on the background.

A touch of white for a little bit of light

While the paint on my journal pages dried, I stamped out 3 stems of leaves using a Dylusions Stamp. I then roughly colored the leaves in using my Big Brush Markers.  The leaves I am using to create a bush for the butterflies to be emerging from, so I simply cut leaves off the stems and layered them randomly onto the page.  Once stuck down I took a little bit of green paint and smeared this around the leaves to get rid of any white edges and blend a little more into the background.  I then took a Black Pen and messily outlined the leaves and added some dots and dashes across the bottom of the page to ground the leaves a little.

Stamped leaves layered to create a bush.

A stamped and embossed verse was added to finish it off.

Now it was just a matter of adding my butterflies and a quote.  I used a stamp to add the quote and embossed with black embossing powder.

It reads 'Just when the butterfly thought the world was over it became a beautiful butterfly'.

Don't forget there is still a few more days left in the month to pop back and check out all the wonderful projects by my fellow Altered Pages Design Team members featuring the Sabor Papers.

Danie xx

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sabor Explosion Box

Hope you have been enjoying our month of projects using SABOR products!!!  I know the team has loved working with the vibrant colors and high quality papers.  Today I have a really fun project, an Explosion Box!
SABOR - Ole Picado
SABOR - OLE Sorpresa
SABOR - OLE Fiesta
SABOR - Ole Cutouts Black Cardstock
Tacky Glue
Dew Drops
Glue Stick
Double Stick Tape
Tacky Glue
Dimensional Adhesive
Silk Leaves
Fabric Flowers for Sabor
Bazzill Flowers - pink orange and lime green
Trims Ribbons
Papers used for this project
SABOR - OLE Sorpresa
SABOR - OLE Fiesta

For the three layer box cut papers
12 x 12 inches - score @ 4 inch intervals (Black)
10.5 x 10.5 inches - score @ 3.5 inch intervals (Fiesta)
9 x 9 inches - score @ 3 inch intervals (Sorpresa)
Cut the corners of each piece of paper as pictured above
Fold on the score lines

With Double Stick Tape adhere the square bottom of the 10.5 x 10.5 to the 12 x 12, then the square bottom 9 x 9 to the 10.5 x 10.5
You are ready to add all the embellishments SABOR - Ole Cutouts

Cut a 6 x 6 square for the lid, score in 1 inch on all 4 sides.  Cut tabs as pictured above, use Glue Stick to adhere corners.
Cut a wrap just shy of 1 inch for the lid from SABOR - Ole Picado, adhere with Glue Stick
 Adhere SABOR - Ole Cutouts to all the layers of the box using Glue Stick Double Stick Tape and Dimensional Adhesive


You can embellishments the center of the box if you desire!


Decorate the box top with Silk Leaves, Fabric Flowers for Sabor, Bazzill Flowers - pink orange and lime green and Dew Drops!

Hope I have inspired you to try this fun project!!