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Bookmaking with Collages

The versatility of collages used for art and crafts is extensive.
I created a book and will use collages  for the interior pages...the construction was heavy chipboard and kraft paper, plus decor papers.

We also have corrugated Kraft Paper, also in white corrugated adhesive backed for beautiful book covers or interiors.

For closures,I used our fabulous seam binding attached with Super Adhesive Tape.

For a fun touch - since this is a book for old time photos I used clock charms to hold the seam binding on the front.

The tied seam binding neatly holds the waterfall pages in place. 
I will use alternating old sepia and black and white photos with interesting collages for the finished Book.
See the collage image here

click for images
Click for images
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Finishing a Work in Progress aka WIP

Today, I am actually finishing a WIP!!!  
I know you know the feeling...does that always feel great, or what?!  

I am continuing on with that cute little PaperClay pot that was part of a previous post...remember that gold gilded incense burner that I  created a couple weeks ago?  Well, if you missed those projects, check out the beginning processes HERE.
I am very happy with how the incense burner turned out.  I have even had a friend ask where I bought it so they could pick one up.  It was pretty satisfying telling them that it was a DIY and that they could easily make one of their own.  Here is a quick reminder of that piece. 
Now, continuing on with the cute little clay pot.   I start by sanding it with my easy to use sanding sponge to give it a bit of a smoother finish.   I then decoupaged pretty floral tissue for the background and then a few beautiful gypsy ladies for my focal images.  You can find those lovely ladies HERE. You can use any images you prefer.  More  wonderful collage i…

Collages provide a jump start for your mixed media

Collages can help create so many things.

Above you see a banner that spells out WINE plus some lovely collage images as the finishing touches.

ATC's are the perfect collage partner!  For these I used mini cupcake papers, washi tape plus papers.
ATC rounds are a fun new way to trade.

TEXT pages make the perfect base for collages.

Collage images can become dimensional too!
PLEASE visit and review our thousands of collages to find the inspiration for YOUR mixed media pieces.
See ya! Jean

Fairy Dreams

It is no secret that one of the things I love best about Altered Pages is the large catalog of digital collage images.  They can be used as a single focal image on a project or combined in a seemingly infinite amount of ways.  This greeting card today uses images from several different collage sets to create a sweet floral fairy scene.

I picked out three of my favorite images and cut each one out in detail.  There was a lot of white in both the daisy and fairy images so I grabbed my craft knife and started by pruning the daisies.  When I was satisfied with my trimming I used glitter glue on the daisy centers.  I printed off a second image so that I could mount the center flower on foam dots.

I ended up leaving some of the white toward the bottom because there were other things going on.  I added a white flower border and pale yellow Dew Drops to the bottom.  I find that when you're making a scenery card, it helps your eye to rest when there is a bottom base.  Using a floral border h…

Blocking In or is it Blocking Out?

This past weekend I played along with the free Creative Retreat - Art is Magic and loved all the mixed media painting and collage workshops shared particularly those that were featuring various methods of blocking in the negative space.  Today I thought I would share my take on the lesson shown by artist Stephanie Lee.  This method (shown by Stephanie) again allowed me to use up some of the scraps of both papers and collage images I had left over from other projects.  I had my favorite Red Butterfly Image and a couple of Vintage Valentines Images on hand from Altered Pages Collage Sheets.

I chose to work on loose sheets of Water Color Paper with the idea of adding this along with the others I created over the weekend to a journal - I taped the edges to create a border and also to stick my page down onto my work surface.  Next, I collected my scraps together and started to stick them all down onto my page using Gel Medium as both my adhesive and as a sealing layer once I had done this. 

Slow Sunday in Arizona.

When the temps hit the mid-teens, we take it slow and easy!   It seems we are not the only ones with that heat lately.

Grab some travel collages for your city, state or vacation destination.

Enjoy your slow Sunday, relax!
Jean and the Gang

Saturday Showcase

I thought we could review some projects and show some new items in the store.

Lyneen's Elvis book was a hit!
One of my favorite Folio items from Danie May.
Robin put us all in the mood for a glass of wine with this one!
Stephanie created summer fashion for us to enjoy.
Trisha Neal shared Asian Flare
Did you see the new products in the store?  Unusual and great stuff for mixed media projects.

For a special gift tag or for trading, lightweight wood tags can be stained, painted or you choose the method of making them special.

These banners are dual duty, one side is wood and one side is corrugated.  Paint, collage, initials, make it personalized.
This is a treasure.  A large Wooden Spool wrapped with lovely fabric and a charm to wear on your neck or wrist.  Use it as a gift wrap too, tie up the package and they get an extra goodie!
Thanks for dropping by and as a summer bonus, the next 5 orders receive this darling wood diecut.

Have a safe weekend, Jean