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Spooky Mixed Media by Jean

Shoes can be comfortable,  your favorite chair is like a refuge.  
Some Art supplies can be the same sort of thing.   The items at the heart of  AlteredPages are collages.  They still hold a wealth of use for art and craft projects.

Collage #288 is perfect for cards, nametags & ATCs.
Here is a canvas I made that uses one of my favorite collage images.

This mixed media piece used our collage #3091. This example shows that collages can be incorporated into more than cards or scrapbooks.   Modeling paste, paints, vintage music sheets and a stencil round out the creation.
Join us as we show you more of the true spooky art contained in

The Raven - One Spooky Bird

The Raven - musings from Edgar Allen Poe has become long associated with all things Spooky so I thought the Altered Pages Collage Sheets Quoth the Raven, Nevermore and the Edgar Allen Poe would be perfect choices for this month's Design Team Theme - Make it Spooky.

The first line of The Raven sets the tone - Once upon a midnight dreary.

I had some old postcards on hand so took to them with some Gesso and Black Paint before adding a touch of color with some paint and stencils.

On the computer I typed and printed out some quotes from 'The Raven' and added these with my chosen images to my postcard backgrounds.

So now I have three postcards ready to send a spooky greeting to friends.

A little Gauze, a little dye, and a Cadaver

Spooky can be gruesome
This piece was truly a satisfying project.

An oversize Tag became an homage to a cadaver, poor soul.
I began with our oversize tags
I dyed at least 1 yard of seam binding with inks as I did gauze from the dollar store tinted with watered ink from these bottles allow to dry while you tear and apply vintage text pages.  Adhere the pages to the tag with any medium or tacky glue.

Fancy cut collage #3091 skeleton and adhere with a medium.
Apply the gauze with a medium, wrapping to the back side which you can cover with text pages.  Add some cadaver glitz if you want with STICKLES Thread the dryed ribbon through the hole and fluff for fullness.  You can always drip some melted red  crayon or paint to be more gruesome.     
THANKS for dropping in today!   JEAN

The Alchemist's Vault

For the month of August Altered Pages  is gearing up for Halloween, my most FAVORITE! So, today I invite you to step inside and see the treasures of the Alhchemist'sVault... Canvas panel with vintage text that has been given more  depth with a coffee wash.  Next, a layer of ink and coffee stained gauze or cheese cloth.  
Then, vintage postal collage images torn and inked to add distress then dry fit to plan the layout.  
More dry fitting of additional collage images...evil man in the moon, gothic royal skull and a raven selfishly kept in a gold guilded cage. 
All images adhered.  Shadowing added to all components for more depth and interest. 
A bit of glitter and guilding for just a bit of whimsy...

I hope you enjoyed your quik peek into the mind of magic! Stephanie

Supply List - 
Skeletal Remains collage sheet
Ravens Take Flight collage sheet
French Postage collage sheet
Vintage Paperwork collage sheet
Canvas Art Boards

Spooky and Scary Stuff Past and Present

It's time to prepare for Fall happenings.

We will be showcasing our team's art and our products for making ominous, bone-chilling, creepy, spine-tingling and yes, even cute projects!!!
Look at the store for new collages to make your cards or scrapbooks even more exciting.
Here are projects we've also gathered from AP fans...
from Andrea Warner -
from Michelle Jones -
from Julie Mitchell

from Michelle

from Sharon Rogers
AND FROM OUR TEAM,  old and new...
from Robin Horasanian

from Stephanie Siatta

from Danie May

from Lyneen Jesse
from Trisha Neal
from Roni Johnson

The art of Charles Gesmar

Are you familiar with the art of Charles Gesmar?  I wasn't. Until I found a collage sheet full of his poster art at Altered Pages, that is.  He was a French costumer and poster artist for most of the stars of the Paris Music Hall and his artwork was big in the 1920's.

Today I'm using Gesmar's poster art of Marion Forde on two cards.  I love this playful image.  Because it is filled with pink, I started with the Saucy 6x6 paper bundle by Authentique.  The pink floral background really stood out to me.  While I was flipping through the pad I found the "Domestic Goddess" saying and knew I had to use it.  There are also pink papers in the Fabulous paper bundle.  The individual 6x6 sheets of Fairy Tale Rose would also be cool.

I liked this pink Bazzill Edge paper border to bring the two floral pieces together and a pink Dew Drop gave it a touch of shine.

And since I had printed two of the collage sheets, I made a second card to share.  I chose to embellish with Bazzi…