Friday, September 4, 2015

That Little Extra Touch

Welcome back!

Wow, can it really be September already?  Well, in Arizona it still feels like summer, but I know Fall is coming and if I had to be honest there is a little something different in the air.  A little chill...oooooh, ahhhh, it's only 85 at night instead of 99 degrees.  Either way, I will take it.  That little something tells me gift giving seasons are upon us and it gets me in the mood to craft, probably like no other time of the year. 

There are so many opportunities coming up for us crafters to show our stuff, right? 

Well, this month here at Altered Pages our theme is That's a Wrap.  How perfect considering all the gift giving occasions in our near future...? And, I have for you a "little extra touch" you can add to your wrappings for all the occasions in the coming months. 

It's a fun little metal ringed know the an old fashioned price tag
that might be hanging from a beautiful lamp or vintage find in an antique store. 
I say take that boring old tag and turn it into the life of the party. 
You can add this little "wrap' to any package, wine bottle or hand wrapped gift.
Place it in a glassine bag and secure it to the gift for safe keeping
and to add to the surprise for the gifted.    
Here is another fun version with a little nautical feel.  This would be fun as an embellish for a gift or as a cute little charm around your neck for that last summer soirĂ©e.

Both of these "tags" were made with collage images, embossing inks and embossing powders, jump rings, misc. ephemera and charms as well as fibers and tulle.

I hope you enjoyed!  Check back often and remember to leave us a comment...we love to know you were here.
Have a great weekend!

Some of the supplies I used...
Misc. Fibers
Bottle Cap Flowers - collage sheet
Celestial Wonders - collage sheet
Embossing Powders
Ephemera Treasure Packs
Ink Pads - misc.
Tags Assortment Pack
Glassine Bags
Aleens Specialty Glues

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Since we are 'WRAPPING'

Good morning from Jean 

I thought I would show a tutorial of making fabric roses which are wrapped and then can be used on your wrapping!

We love these because they are multi purpose items, perfect for embellishing any art project, add a pin back and voila you have a brooch, hot glue onto a plastic hairband for some glam, add to a manila or decor tag and you have a lovely one of a kind gift tag for bag.

I start by choosing a fun fabric pattern, polka dots are a favorite of mine.  

This a fabulous way to use up those fabric scraps that are far too small to save for anything else.  AND our TWILL TAPE TRIM plus other RIBBONS are Perfect for making the roses. 

For my first example, I decided to use ORANGE fabric since we are moving into Fall.   You can do two different things....snip your fabric and rip it (giving a textured raw edge) or carefully cut it into a piece approximately 1 foot long by 1 inch wide.  You can fold the fabric strip in half for a smaller profile rose.


Begin by wrapping it gently around your finger and then tightening it as you wind it around.   After each half wrap, twist the fabric and add a little Tacky or Fabric glue to help hold in place as you work.  When you reach the desired width, cut off excess leaving a little tail to wrap and glue under the flower.  

Cut a small disc of cardstock (cereal box, etc) to form a base and GLUE the flower to the base.   Allow to dry before adding a bead or gem to the center if you like.


Ribbons and twills are great for this use too.  Use the same technique of wrapping and twisting  until it is as wide as you would like it to be.  WRAP, TWIST, WRAP, TWIST.....glue the tail and add a paper base as above.  Allow to dry before adding gems or beads.

To 'gild the lily' you can use your MISTS or STAMP PAD ink to color the leaves and or flower.

I added a pin back and then attached this flower to an organza gift bag which will hold a small treasure! 

There you have it!   You can make them from our supplies or buy them ready made from our website!

LaChelle did not miss one day of commenting!   She receives a packet of vintage postards and a vintage map. Please email your postal address to

Meet Our New Design Team Member: Jessica Madaglia

We are excited and honored to have
Jessica Madaglia
Join the Altered Pages Design Team

Please help us welcome her!!! 

I have been papercrafting for over 20 years(it was rather scary to type that number in there)!  I have a blog that I call Two Mad Dahlias  My mother and I love to craft together and it's a bit of a play on our last name.  

I work as a full time retail manager and when I am not working I can be found hanging out with my husband and daughter.  In addition to being a crafter I am also an avid reader.
I have a few pictures of some projects I have created.  I love to alter items using various papers and findings.  I like to mix new and vintage items.  

When did you realize you might have a real desire or talent for creating Art?  I have been crafting in some form or fashion for many years. I started my blog a couple years ago to start to share what I do.  

How has your paper crafting evolved over the years? I started scrapbooking after I went to Europe when I was 16. After that I started rubber stamping. I love to take classes and peruse Pinterest and blogs for inspiration. I have let my humor show more in my work over the years.

What is your favorite medium for creating?
Paper. I love paper. Some might say I have too much paper. I disagree with them!

If you had to use only one color in your art what would that color be?  Oh, that's tough. My favorite color is purple. That's a tough color to craft with all the time. It might have to be brown. There are so many shades and it can work for all seasons. It can age and distress. It can enhance. Brown is pretty awesome. 

That the post for today!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"It's a Wrap"

At  Altered Pages

The Altered Pages Design Team will be focusing on creating things for wrapping.... gifts, surprises, books, tags, bags and more!
Today I am going to alter a couple of containers using Ceiling Tiles.
Altered Pages Ceiling Tiles make great a great wrap or cover for a small box.  They are  6 x 6" embossed heavy paper ceiling tiles. Ready for you to paint, cut, stamp or alter. Glue them to containers, using double side adhesive tapes and glues.


A few items I have in a bin I keep to alter...
they are all great for gift giving!

Today I have a Laughing Cow container and a cylinder container to alter.  Remove any labels (barcodes, tape, etc.) Paint containers with white gesso.  Set aside to dry.

Measure and cut the ceiling tiles to fit your container/s.  Gently apply the ink directly from the pad to the ceiling tile, be careful to ink only the raised embossing of the tiles.  The paper tile absorbs the ink like a sponge! 

When the gesso has dried, attach washi tape to the containers.  Adhere the ceiling tiles with Tacky Glue.
To finished the Laughing Cow box add a string of beads around the edge of the ceiling tile. Use a black marker to make a line around the edge of the container.  This would make a great box for giving jewelry, a gift card or any small object.

It just so happened that two ceiling tiles wrapped around this container perfectly!  Washi Tape was added to the top and bottom of the container (the ceiling tiles were not going to cover the container totally).  Then adhere the ceiling tiles with Tacky Glue, embellish with black lace.

Supplies: Ceiling Tile
Tacky Glue
Washi Tape
Black Marker
Bead Trim from one of my Mailbox Muse Kits


Watch for new "kits" available soon forthe holiday season! 

During September we will have a giveaway on Facebook... be sure you are on one of our Facebook pages.  

Altered Pages
Mailbox Muse

And our group page (by invitation)
Altered Pages Associates

If you would like to join the Altered Paged Artsociates group page please leave a comment below indicating your wish to join and your Facebook name!

That is my post for today!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Yellowstone Vacation

A couple of weeks ago I promised a cover for Our Summer Vacation  photo album.  Using Glitz Board Album I made the cover for the album.   
 The title of the album is written with a Uniball White Pen on black cardstock and attached with double sided tape.  Add a photo from the Route 66 collage sheet with photo corners. Then add Yellowstone image from Have a Great Vacation collage sheet.

Tie coordinating colors of Sari Silk Ribbon to the metal rings.

 You have an album to enjoy for years to come!
To see the inside of the photo album see the post
Altered Pages Collage Sheets:
 Black cardstock
Black Photo Corners
Glitz Board Album with metal rings
 We hope you have enjoyed our month
traveling around the US!




Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Favorite Place in Fall

It's Jean here and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic knowing that Fall is coming.

Even though it's still hot in Arizona we can feel the changes coming.  The sun is shifting in the sky and the mornings are just a bit cooler.

Truth be told, it is difficult to find a place more beautiful in Fall than Pennsylvania.  The lush rolling hills become carpets of gold, red and amber mixed into green and brown backgrounds.   Crunching leaves are underfoot, apple cider is served, the sky becomes crystal blue with a bright sun.

Not only the colors, but the textures of fall are lovely.  Hay bales, burlap and corn husks lay a backdrop for decor.  

I created a piece for today's post that reminds me of Fall days in Pennsylvania, my home state.   

I used our fabulous adhesive sheets on which I printed AP collage #1951 Fall Splendor using an inkjet printer.   For one example I used the Adhesive Transparency Sheet and on another candle I used an Adhesive Vellum Sheet.    One gives a clear finish, the other a smoky or etched look.   It is easy to make personalized gifts or items for your own home with these specialty papers.  You can create wonderful personalized wedding or shower items.

The good old dollar store candles always come in handy, especially for Holidays and entertaining.   I have them for most every occasion, indoors and out.  They stay lit outdoors which I really like.  

I also incorporated our fantastic Burlap and Jute ribbon to set off the rustic Fall mood.   I adore my Kai Scissors, short blades and wide holes make it comfortable to cut.  I have two pair, one for fabric one for paper.   I have had them for 4+ years and never have needed sharpened!

To apply the burlap I used double side tape (you can use Aleens glue).  I also used glue to attach the jute ribbon.   Not letting anything go to waste, I added a bow made from the burlap strings I pulled when cutting it.

THANKS for joining me today!   
Make sure to do one kind thing.

I sure hope this inspires you to take a look around our website.  We have so many items you may not have seen! 






Manifesting the Trip of a Lifetime with A Shadow Box Shrine

Hi Everyone Danie here and I am so thrilled to be back as part of the Altered Pages Team.  This month we are traveling the USA.  I have never been to the States but it is on my bucket list as I have family scattered throughout Wisconsin and even more cousins can be found in New York City and San Diego.  The closest US State to me here in Australia is Hawaii and it is my hubby's dream to get there next year, and of course if he is going so am I.

It will be a sacred journey for my husband as he will be heading there so he can complete the final level of his training as a  Lomi Lomi Practictioner.  Lomi Lomi means to knead, to squeeze and to make soft and is also the name given to a particular style of massage that stems from ancient tradition and is passed from generation to generation through a linage.  Rod's teacher and mentor I believe is the first female and first non american to be passed the linage.   It is a very spiritual and healing style of energy work and to be able to meet his teachers mentor and be in the sacred grounds of its origin is set to be a journey of a lifetime.  Like most people when we set goals and aim to bring our dreams into fruition I like to make vision boards or journal about things.....however today I wanted to make something a little more special to help Rod manifest his dream, so I have created a shadow box shrine for him.

To create this I started by making a box (lid and bottom) using some sunset colored card (old file dividers).  I then rummaged through a number of Altered Pages Collage Sheets and decided to use a sunset and palm tree background and cut the hula girl images from the Blue Hawaii Collage Sheet.  The Graphic 45 Papers decorating the front of the box and the Shells are from the Mailbox Muse Kit - Mermaid Fantasy.

The words Hawaii and Aloha were also cut from the Blue Hawaii Collage Sheet. All my papers and images were inked with Staz On Ink.   My main image was mounted onto a piece of black cardstock and stuck down to the bottom of my box.  I cut an opening in the lid of my box using a decorative label die.  I used another die to cut some flowers from the same papers and added some bling to these as well as scattering some of the same bling among the shells.  The shells I added to the front of the lid as well as the inside of my shrine.

I do hope you have enjoyed your trip around the USA with us here at Altered Pages as much as I hope that Hawaii is the first of many US States that I get to experience and explore in this lifetime. Until next month.

Danie xx

Friday, August 28, 2015

Nashville, Tennessee

I love country music.  You need to know that to understand how excited I was to take this trip.

Several years ago, my husband and I took a vacation in Nashville, Tennessee because we wanted to see the Country Music Hall of Fame and a couple of Nashville Predators hockey games.  We couldn't plan for a time when our home team would be in town so we chose to see games with the Dallas Stars and the San Jose case you were wondering why a Detroit-born girl is wearing a sharks T-shirt. 

I made a scrapbook for our trip when we got home but it has just been in a plain three-ring binder.  BORING!  The photo pages have been moved to a binder that allows artwork to be displayed on the front cover so I made this collage page with the help of Altered Pages.

It was just us on this vacation so almost all of the photos are of either me or hubby, but not both.  We finally asked someone to take this picture of the both of us.  It's the only one we have of us together in Nashville.  I printed it as an 8x10 to cut up for the cover art.

There are wax museums in the back of several gift shops and other shops have different kinds of memorabilia.  It was an odd feeling to walk around to the back of each shop and see their little museums.  There are the "real" museums, too.  I'm sharing this photo because I know how much people love Elvis.  His Solid Gold Cadillac is on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  The roof has been detached and an arm raises and lowers the top of the car so that people can look inside.

Jean, this one's for you!

Elvis was ahead of his time.  Even back then he had a TV and telephone in his car.

Another highlight of our vacation was a short 70 mile road trip to see the Jack Daniels Distillery.  It was an interesting tour and, since it's a dry county, the bar at the end serves the best (alcohol-free) ice cold lemonade!

Products Used:

Come back tomorrow and see where the design team will take you.  And don't forget to comment on the posts daily for a chance to win a prize!