Thursday, January 19, 2017

Classes all Day Photos to follow.

CREATIVATION is classes all day.

We will post Facebook photos as we attend....

Trish Alger has arrived from Texas.  She is taking classes every day.  She is a learning sponge!

Trish has many skills and talents.  And she is a really cool person!   Get to know her on our Blog.



Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Create A Planner Dashboard

This new wave of Planner Fever has me in its grip. 
I've always been a planning, goal-setting, list-making kind of gal, BUT boy-howdy has it gone wild!
My online, digital calendar, and note-taking apps were not cutting it for me anymore so...

I ran out to buy the perfect planner. Oh, wait...that doesn't exist. My gal pal Lorri mentioned the Traveler's Notebook, great idea; yet I wanted it more personal. Yep, I needed to make my own.

The Dashboard was a great creative planner idea:

A Dashboard is just a way to hold your place with tabs or as a post it note holder or just to look cool.

I used:
Clean, flat, waste plastic cut to fit
Dixie Belle Paint  
Stretchy elastic cording

I cut the plastic to 4"x8" for my planner and rounded the corners:

I placed the stencil over the plastic and sponge painted the Dixie Belle Chalk Paint over it. Let dry.

Then I used a contrasting color over the entire piece.

I placed the solid colored sides together and used grommets to fasten.

Then I used the cording to create a band for inside my notebook.

There you go. I can't wait to create even more inserts for my planner. Stay tuned...

Please let us know what planner set up you use.
Ciao for now,
-Trish Alger

Monday, January 16, 2017

HeART Cards

When I think of Peace, Kindness & Love I think of HEARTS.  I decided to try resist painting with embossing powder and Gelatos.

Heart shaped stamps
Water Brush
Gold Embossing Powder
Red Embossing Powder
Cherry Mist
Wink of Stella Silver
Watercolor paper
Heat tool


Stamp with ink, heat emboss with gold powder on watercolor paper.

Use pink gelato, rub it on a palate and use the water brush thin it until there aren't any bits of the gelato.  Paint over the gold embossing.   

Spritz the card with the red spray.

Spray  with water, wipe the heart with a paper towel. Dry with heating tool.
 Love all the effect of the water on the card!

 Stamp with ink, heat emboss with red powder on watercolor paper.
On this card I first spritzed it with water, then sprayed it with the red spray and dabbed it dry with a paper towel.  Using a red gelato painted over the heart, then used the heat tool to dry.

Last  painted the heart with Wink of Stella.

Pull out your gelatos and play with them!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

CREATIVATION - Like the Oscars

   We want to share with you!

We are fortunate to go to CHA/Creativation and have a large group representing AlteredPages this year.  Trish is coming in from Texas, Lyneen from Washington and some locals, including Jennifer Rothstein, Stephanie Siatta and Ingrid Vient will be in Phoenix, AZ for the convention.

Tim Holtz with Allie (AlteredPages mascot)

Dyan Reaveley

Dina Speed Wakley

You see, this is what it's like to all be in the same business but not get to see each other often or at all.   It is a CELEBRATION of Arts and Crafts and People.

Cathy and Steve 

Karen Elaine

Wendy Vecchi

You can enjoy what is happening so we will do some Facebook Live, some videos, and photos for sure.   We will post to the blog and Facebook daily.   Make sure to visit our Facebook pages for updates too!

Make sure to bookmark this blog so you can see the latest scoop on products and people.

See YOU at Creativation starting Thursday, January 19, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

Feeling Groovy!

When I saw our theme for this month was Peace, Kindness and Love how could I resist a groovy 1970s theme project?  I was young in the 70s.  It was the decade where I was old enough to start choosing my own clothes, friends and music!  I don't remember any of the "adult" issues that were faced because I was so young, but I do remember the bursts of color everywhere!

Designs for Front

I've got a groovy little pocket page project to share with you.  I chose Altered Pages collage images based on a bright color palette.  Although they aren't all technically from the 70s, I think they give you the same feeling.

There are a lot of different ways to begin this project.  A pocket page is basically 9 little mini works of art in a collection, with embellishments, notes and you can even work in a surprise or two.  I like to start my pages with a single large collage cut into 9 pieces.  It allows for a nice even distribution of colors and textures.  Once they are cut apart, each one gets personalized.

Designs for Back

I marked a grid on white card stock just for a general reference of where the cuts will be and started adding collage images.  I printed both collages off in full page and half page size.  Both large and small images were added to the front of the page and the designs were enlarged enough so that each of the patterns could be used on an entire card on the back.  I also cut a piece of some scrapbook paper with peace signs on it since it was the right color.

Once both sides were complete, I dipped the edges into some Neon ink and then embossed it to make a little frame on each one.  Let me tell you one tip that I learned along the way...trim each card about 1/8 of an inch smaller than you normally would for this project if you are going to emboss the edges.  It's a tight fit and the embossing powder fights the pocket page if it's the standard 2.5 x 3.5 size card.  Lesson learned!

I used all sorts of embellishments from Altered Pages, as well as from my own hoard?...stash?...collection!  I even used earrings that probably haven't been worn in 30 years. 

This little pocket was made with a small size floral design and squares of foam adhesive.

I've still got a few squares to complete on this one and I want to write a letter to put into one of the pockets, but it's well on its way.  I hope you're inspired to create a little bit of mail art to share with someone.  Spread peace, love and kindness through the mail.  You'll be sharing a smile.

Groovy!  Now check out the products used in the links below.

Sabor Papel embellishments (flowers) & paper border scraps
Even more groovy paper choices
  Moo Backgrounds
  Spring Whimsy
  Blast From the Past 70s Style
  Pocket Quotes 3
  Spring Has Arrived Sayings
  Card Greetings

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Lots of Layers Butterfly Cards

Hi Everyone, I hope the start to 2017 has been kind to you all.  Mine has been busy and I found myself in much need of tidying my craft room.  This month here on the blog we are sharing all things peace, love and kindness about of art.  I definitely have to say that tidying the art room isn't something I love, however I do love what you find when you have a good tidy up, be it supplies you forgot you owned or revisiting some previous projects and falling in love all over again.

This is kind of what inspired my post today, as I was going through boxes and boxes of card samples I have made in classes, and/or having been inspired by something I had seen on You Tube and the Web and found a card design that I loved and what was even better it had butterflies on it which I totally love so today I am revisiting this design and sharing it with you.


Starting with a square card base (mine are cut 12 x 12 cm) in white.  I found two papers in my Authentique Paper Pads that were in similar color ways and also some cardstock in coordinating colors to these papers.  Then I proceeded to cut a square from each paper and each cardstock (11 x 11cm).

Taking the square of patterned paper I then cut this in half on the diagonal to give me two equal triangles.  Then taking one of these triangles cut this in half to give me two smaller triangles which has a base still equal to the size of my original square.

Then out of white card stock I cut two rectangular pieces ( 9 x 8 cm and 6 x 7 cm).  And also a rectangle from the colored cardstock (8 x 7cm).

Adding a twist to my original sample I am adding into this design two pieces of the Just an Edge Border Strips by Bazzill in colors that also coordinate with my chosen papers.

Before layering all together I also took out ink colors that would coordinate with my chosen patterned papers from Authentique,  My chosen butterfly stamp I then inked and stamped onto the smaller cut white cardstock rectangle and using the same ink inked the edges of both pieces of white cardstock and the two triangles cut from the patterned paper.

Layering begins with the square cut from your chosen color cardstock and then the two border strips and triangles are placed on each side.

Next you take the larger white rectangle and place on a angle.  Then the rectangle cut from the coordinating cardstock layering this on a different angle so that it overlaps the edges of the white below it and finally the last layer is your stamped image on the white cardstock.  Which again is placed on an different angle to the ones below. 

Now it is time to embellish a little.  On one of my cards I have added a couple some Petaloo Flowers and on the second card similar to my original sample I have used circle punches cutting a larger 1 inch circle from the coloured cardstock and a smaller 3/4 inch circle from the patterned paper, stuck them together and pierced two holes in it to look like a button.  To this I then tied a bow through it using some paper cord in a similar colour to that being used on my card. 



To finish off I added a touch of color to the butterflies using some Niji Pearlescent Watercolors. added with a Water Brush.


Obviously you can change up the look of this card design in so many different ways - different border edges, papers, colors, embellishments and instead of stamped images you may like to use collage images and Altered Pages is the perfect place to look for these.

Danie xx