Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dina Wakely AND A New Product plus a WINNER!

We are nearing the end of March and that means our fantastic partnership with Kunze Dresden will come to an end.   BUT the beauty of the products remains.  
THANKS to Kunze for allowing us to showcase the elegant Dresden Scrap that is manufactured in Germany with care and pride.

I have been dabbling with paints and markers, so I have a few items for you to see....

My Dina Wakely Class project, done with non-dominant hand.  Gesso, Acrylics and stiff brushes with black ink.

signed by Dina, my work mat!

For my book cover - Light weight canvas, gessoed then with very wet black acrylic paint, random shapes created by using my non-dominat hand to make the eye travel  from side to side.   Three rivets were inserted for the cords which will hold the signatures (a sheet of paper printed with several pages that upon folding will become a section or sections of a book) in place.   I will use both waxed cording and decorative fibers.  This was such fun!  

Creating book signatures by using more gessoed canvas and paint with similar motif.

We cut interoffice envelopes in half and folded to make book pages with pockets....

Paper lunch or sandwich bags were also painted (without gesso this time) and then glued together back to back making open pockets on each end.

A gaggle of tags were painted and some were cut down, some left large to insert into the signature pockets.   Writing on the tags and the pages with personalized notes makes for a fun touch too.  I will add collages to some of the pages as well.   

GREAT exercise in making yourself be free and allowing you to let go!  THANKS DINA!  

Now for some exciting news about our latest product
These fun, ready to go kits get you off and running on the most fun projects to come along in a while!   (the original thought came from Janette Lane as a swap item).  

We have taken it to a new level and provide you with all you need to get started.    To see and order one, click here

We will also separately offer binders to hold your pages.  Whenever you need a note card, greeting card or gift item, simply pull out a page and choose from your already prepared art.   

As a clever gift, a filled pocket page in a binder is the perfect gift for a Bridal Shower, Baby Shower or Graduation gift. The pockets are just the right size for giftcards too!    Have each guest add thier own touches to each window art by signing or even creating an altered page.

You get; 

  • 2 Pocket Pages each holding 9 creations, 
  • 10 sheets of coordinated papers by themes, 
  • washi tape, 
  • double side tape, 
  • embellishments,
  • collage images.                                                     Plus a tutorial with photos to help you start.  
I made you read all the way to the bottom for the WINNER'S name .... CONGRATS....


May your week be filled with creativity, happiness and all good things. AlteredPages is always there to help "alter your creativity".

Feeling Punkish

Feeling a little punkish today.  Steampunk-ish, that is!  Steampunk is a little out of my comfort zone, but I love the projects my teammates have shared.  Today I started with a wonderful folding card.  the four pages all fold in and the card becomes a box-like square.  Each of the flaps is meant to hold an oversize tag, but I haven't started on those yet.  The stencils and cutting dies are from my own collection.  That's really one of the things I love best about the Altered Pages collage sheets.  No matter what your favorite medium, you can incorporate them! 

Each side of this multi-panel card has five 6" x 6" panels and two 2.5" x 6" panels

The small panels fold up inside to create pockets.

Inks in both warm and cool colors
The majority of Altered Pages collage images are from these three sheets:
 385D Postcards
2605 Fly with Steam
3042 Steampunked Machines
I hope you enjoyed today's project.  Stop over by Altered Pages and be inspired to create your own art.  Bye for now.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Cards, cards, cards

Do you like to make collage art?  You need to check out the thousands of images for collaging at Altered Pages!  I love the collages.  No matter what your style, there is a collage sheet for you just waiting to be made into art.  I have a box full of single images, which are the pictures leftover from other projects.  I grabbed my box and started mixing and matching and adding in some German Scrap and other embellishments.  Backed with some of my stash of scrapbook paper and a stamp or two and these are the results.  I hope you like them.

Stamps from the All Things French Mailbox Muse kit
Starry strips from the Moo Backgrounds collage sheet

Pyramids and words from the On The Nile Mailbox Muse kit
Coffee image from the We All Enjoy Coffee collage sheet
German Scrap bugs

Fairies from the Fairy Dreams collage sheet
German Scrap border and bird

Stamps from the All Things French Mailbox Muse kit

Grapes from the Italia collage sheet
German Scrap border

The Hunt from the Happy In The Saddle collage sheet
Bazzill mini borders
German Scrap bird and horseshoe

Barrels from the Jug Of Wine collage sheet
Postcard is from Vintage Paperwork
Lady is from Color Collage Sheets, sepia
German Scrap border

Lady from Color ATC Red collage sheet
German Scrap border

Lady, mirror and flower are from Color Collage Sheets, yellow

Lady is from Victorian Tea collage sheet
Big Ben tag is from the Altered Tags collage sheet
Letters are from the Red Alphabet collage sheet
German Scrap border
Petaloo flower embellishment

Mermaids from the Fairy Dreams collage sheet
Bazzill mini border
Dew Drops
I hope you're inspired to go searching through all of the unique images and great art supplies at Altered Pages.  I think you'll be happy with what you find!  Have a great day, friends!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

a peeky Easter egg. Kind of like a sugar egg--the kind you peek in?

Honestly, I don't have a better name than "peeky egg"--let's just get on with the photos, shall we?
 A beautiful (and sturdy) Kunze German Scrap butterfly or two, lots of spring flowers, 

some netting and shiny paints, along with an Easter Collage image--

and voila!  A peeky egg!

As in my previous post, this egg is coated with a collage of paper pieces from an Altered Pages Vintage Text collection, and given a coat of shimmery metallic paints.  Altered Pages has some really sweet Easter collages sheets, perfect for your spring art, not to mention lots of luscious German Scrap.

Want to see how to make your own peeky egg?  Check out THIS POST.

Want a few more details on this particular egg?  Check out THIS POST.

Thank you for stopping by the Artsociates blog today, and a Happy Thursday to you!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Collage in Blue

One of my very favorite things to do is collage.
I love paper and images.
 Altered Pages has lots to chose from when it come to images!
I especially love the color groupings they have. 
For this collage I used pieces of chipboard that I have around,
and decided on BLUE as its is one of my favorite colors.
And included lots of KUNZE German Scrap for some bling!
The first step is to gather all the materials you will need.
I like having it all around me, so I can have lots to pick from.
I begin by doing the smaller collages on smaller pieces of
chipboard.  (Around an ATC size)  I had already selected
the larger piece in the middle.  This is one of my own
digital collages. (yes I love digital collage too) 
So I started to construct the full piece with the digital
collage in the middle. There are three larger pieces
underneath as the foundation that holds the rest of the
collage.   These pieces have just a general background color.
Now you start to layer your collage with images that speak to you!
I try placing the images around, and keep doing it until I like it.
I also go around the final collage with finish it off.
I finally add the KUNZE German Scrap and its complete!
And if you feel overwhelmed at the size....start SMALL.
The example above is the size of an ATC.
(it includes an inchie for texture!)
Keep going and keep trying different combinations of images to achieve the look you like. Once you have all the individual pieces you can glue them to the three foundation chipboards.
I hope you give this a try!! And once again please
come visit Facebook Altered Pages  and
show us your creations!! And thank you for looking!
Collage sheets:
Chipboard or some firm foundation material
Scrapbook papers for backgrounds
(that matches your color scheme)
and Glue sticks
Ink pads


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Meet the Altered Pages Designers: Debi Tullier

At Altered Pages we have a very talented Design Team!
Today we are proud to introduce you to


Hi, I am Debi Tullier. I am so happy to meet you. I have loved art since I was very small. I actually have my first watercolor of my grandmother's dachshund made when I was four.

My love of art, sewing and crafting were grown at the hands of my grandmother. She was a stickler for passing on the skills that would make me a free spirit which is how she saw herself. I don't know if I have made that free spirit title but I sure try!

I am grandmother to two wonderful children. We love to craft, paint, and sew together. I now really understand why my grandmother loved teaching me.

Fine arts and graphic arts were my formal focus. I was fortunate to actually illustrate a book, it isn't that fancy just some flat airbrushing. It is a flag book LOL. I also had a wonderful opportunity to create a door sized Wurlitzer jukebox. I worked in acrylic plastic, paint and actually made side lights on the door look just like the lights on the jukebox. I used my mechanical skills to create turning acrylic cylinders to create light effects. This was back in the early nineties so many of the lights we take for granted now were not available then. I had to use a metal lathe to machine parts. Thank goodness I had a great teacher. The excitement was overwhelming when I saw my door in a German trade magazine!

I now have a different life and create most of my works on a smaller scale. I love all art forms. I sew, sculpt and paint in addition to my love of crafting. I have loved being a member of the AlteredPages Family. I find that I have stepped outside of my comfort zone and really loved the challenge!

I want you to know that I plan to never grow up and will be learning I hope for the rest of my days! I am not an expert of anything but a student of all!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dragonfly Time Tag featuring Kunze German Scrap and Mailbox Muse Kits

Hello everyone!  Barbara here with another project to share with you using KUNZE German Scrap and, of course, Altered Pages products.  This month, we are featuring "stuff" you get in your Mailbox Muse Kits  and because there is so much inside each kit, you will have plenty of things to make with one single kit.

I really love making tags, but sometimes I get heavy with my dimensional additions.  So, I decided to cut a piece of heavy chipboard into the shape of a tag, which will hopefully be sturdy enough to hold my embellishments.


Cut chipboard to 5" x 8".  Trim top corners at an angle and punch a large hole in the center.
Use gel medium to adhere two torn pieces of the large sheet music to the tag, as shown.
Tear away the excess paper.  Add a strip of drywall mesh tape diagonally across tag, as shown. Add a coat of white gesso over tag.
Brush Art Anthology Orchid Velvet dimensional paint over tag and let dry.  Add a wash of the yellow Splash ink over the tag.  Let dry.
Cut  fairy image out from the  Fairy Dreams collage sheet out and adhere to tag, as shown.
Use a spatula to spread Mint Julep dimensional paint through a stencil.
Now for some coloring fun, and who doesn't love to color? Color the collage image with Mica Paint Palette-Vintage colors and a Water brush.  These paints are translucent and shimmery, so they will not cover up the image, only enhance it!  Compare the photo above with this one.  Can you see the difference?  If only the camera could do it justice.

Edge tag with the Mix'd Media Leather ink pad and blend out with a sponge.  This frames the piece and draws the eye inward.
Use the Fantastix Brushstix to pick up color from the Mix'ed Media ink pads and apply to the white German scrap grape vine corners.

The Brushstix is the perfect tool for this technique because it allows you to place color in small areas, and you can easily clean off the ink with a paper towel or cloth to pick up another color.  The tip will become stained, but the color does not transfer if you wipe it off real good.

Color five different sizes of the German scrap flowers with the Mix'd Media inks, just as before, using Vintage in the centers, Adobe on the petals, and dabbing Schoolhouse Red on the outer edges of the petals.  I also colored one gold German Scrap butterfly with Patina, Olive Green, and Schoolhouse Red.
Here is a close up of them.  The really cool thing is that the gold of the German scrap shines through the color, giving it a gorgeous shimmer.  

Stamp large dragonfly onto center of silver Joss paper with black Stazon ink.  Let dry.
Color the dragonfly with Splash Inks.  I made a blue and a blue green color by mixing tiny dots of blue and yellow on a craft mat and picking it up with a small paintbrush.  I found that if I dried the inks with a heat gun as I applied them, they stayed where I put them on the slick surface of the Joss paper.
To get a more lime green color, add more yellow to the blue.  To get a brown color for the body, I added black to yellow.  I love making my own colors with these inks, and a little goes very long way.  I think this is beautiful and reminds me of Tiffany stained glass.  What do you think?
Fussy cut the dragonfly.  TIP: Don't throw that excess piece of Joss paper away.  Although it feels like a fragile paper, it is very strong and can be used for other projects in many various ways.

Adhere the grapevine corners to the tag, as shown.

Mist kraft paper clock with Shimmer Spritz Sparkle and allow to dry naturally.  After all, everything in fairy land has to sparkle, so I thought this clock needed a bit.  Unfortunately, the close up photos below don't really show it, but trust me, it is so pretty in person.

Offset and adhere clock to top of tag, and glue dragonfly to the center, as shown.  As soon as I added the dragonfly to the clock face, it reminded me of clock hands, hence the name for my piece, "Dragonfly Time".

I also stamped  a scrap piece of the Joss paper with "Dragonfly", misting it with Walnut Ink, and curling it on the ends to make it look like a banner.  I also adhered my German scrap butterfly, as shown below.
Adhere the German scrap flowers on the lower right corner of the collage image, adding some bling from my stash for flower centers.  The smaller flowers were pop-dotted for dimension, and I also curled the petals a bit.
I wanted to add some lace or something along the bottom, and then I saw this beautiful German scrap tassel border. Again, I used the same technique to color it, using Adobe and Leather Mix'd Media inks.
Add some Sari silk ribbons through the tag hole, and here it is again, with everything in place.

Before I leave you today, I have one little organizational/storage tip to keep your Altered Pages Malibox Muse stamps together.  This is an inexpensive, plastic CD case without the "innards".  I simply stamp my set onto a piece of scrap paper and add the sheet to the inside front of the case.
And here is the inside.  If you mount your stamps onto cling cushion, then they will stick to the inside of the box.  This set is not cling mounted, so I placed some double sided adhesive inside the box and stuck my stamps to it. They are not going anywhere, but are easy to remove.


Mailbox Muse Kits
Rubber Stamps:  Muse DragonflyMuse on a Wing
Altered Pages Fairy Dreams collage sheet
Art Anthology Dimensional Paints: Orchid Velvet, Mint Julep Sorbet
Splash Inks
Asian Joss Paper
Sari Silk Ribbons
Gel MediumTacky Glue
KUNZE German Scrap
Kraft Paper Clocks
Ranger Blending Tool
Kai Scissors (to cut unmounted rubber stamps)
Muse Cling Mounts
Tack-n-Peel from Tsukineko
Black Stazon Ink Pad
Mix'd Media Ink Pads: Leather, Patina, Vintage, Moss, Schoolhouse Red, Adobe
Large Sheet Music
Water Brushes
Mica Paint Palette-Vintage
Shimmer Spritz (Tsukineko)
Fantastix Brush Stix

Drywall mesh tape (hardware store)
Bling (from my stash)
I hope you enjoyed my tag project today, and that you are inspired to pick up some of these fun stamps sets from the Mailbox Muse, or better yet, sign up for the Mailbox Muse Kits.  They always include a set of stamps, papers, ephemera, collage sheets, and so much more.

And while you're at it, check out the great selection of German Scrap in the shop!

Have a wonderful, crafty week!