Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"I'll catch you" Vintage Glove Collage

During the month of November everyone here at Altered Pages is incorporating Craft Attitude™ Film in to their projects.   Craft Attitude™ is an inkjet printable film that allows you to transfer images and text onto just about anything.  

 Using Craft Attitude™ for your projects is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3.
1) Choose your favorite digital photographs or images.
2) Load Craft Attitude™ into your inkjet printer. Flip your image (otherwise text is reversed) and print.
3) Cut your Craft Attitude™ image to fit your project and apply using a glue stick, iron or laminator.
It is said that you can use this film to transfer an image onto virtually anything with a bit of glue...home decor, jewelry, shoes, quilts, wood items, even scrapbooks.  I had tried this film a time or two before but I'd never really put it to the test as far as using it on something really unconventional. 

I decided that now was a good time to put it to the test.  I had a vintage felt glove in my stash that I thought would be the perfect "test subject" so I printed off my image (from the collage sheet Lady Chatterly's Lover) and I also typed out the text... "She whispers...I think I'm falling in love.  He smiles... Don't worry I'll catch you." over and over so I had a nice block of text then set about using the film.  

Initially I trimmed the collage image very closely so there was little excess Craft Attitude™ Film.  I placed it on the glove and traced around it in a few spots with a pencil so I knew roughly where to apply the glue.  Next I added a liberal amount of glue to the area I had traced...

Then gently peeled the image from the white backing paper and positioned it on the glove.  I carefully smoothed it out - as best as I could since it was fabric and sort of bumpy by nature of being a glove. 

I then went about using the text block.  Since I was using a glove for my "canvas" I wanted to add something to each of the fingers. I trimmed the text block so that I had a long strip that fit from the tip of the pinky finger to the wrist along the left edge of the glove.  I added shorter strips to each of the remaining fingers and thumb.   After I had each text piece placed where desired I set it aside to dry.

After it had dried I finished embellishing with glass glitter, Dew Drops, a few flowers and some lace. Here's how it turned out...

As you can see it turned out great!
The glue held the image on the glove perfectly.
I'd say the text pieces were a success as well!
All in all the Craft Attitude™ film is wonderful.


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  1. Fabulous job and great tutorial!

  2. Wow Roni- what a creative use for that glove! This came out fantastic!!

    1. and thank you for your reply the other day! ")

  3. Who knew a vintage glove could be transformed into a beautiful glove♥ I would display it in a shadow box♥

  4. WOW, this is truly a fine example of what our Team can do and what Craft Attitude is capable of doing too! Gorgeous!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Roni! I love how you embellished that glove around the CA image. TFS

  6. A great and fabulously fun re purposing of your glove Roni, and informative too!

  7. As usual, Roni pulled through with something really unusual. This is stunning!