Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mardi Gras Paper Bunting

Mardi Gras time is here! A group of us are celebrating this week and I wanted to create a festive hostess gift.

What you need for your own creation:
Vintage book paper
Shabby Roses
Just Leaves
Splash Inks
Muse Big Easy Mardi Gras Stamp
Metallic Rub On
Imagine Neon Stamp Pad
Aqua Flo Water Brush

Since Mardi Gras derives from the word confess, I thought this was a great use for these pages I had from an obsolete law book. Tear or cut out a page.

Fold in half the long way.

Create a point at the bottom by folding in.

Cut away the triangle it made.

There is a piece of your bunting.

Grab your cream Shabby Roses and mix 2 separate shades of purple with your Splash Inks and using your Water Brush, watercolor the roses.

Each Shabby Rose looks unique.

Do you notice the 2 separate shades?

Using the green Metallic Rub On; rub it on the Mardi Gras "The Big Easy" word stamp. Stamp it onto the triangle.

The Neon Ink Pads are so vibrant. Use the Electric Purple to stamp more Mardi Gras images onto the bunting. 

Decisions, decisions...

The Pom Pom Trim does look cute...

So does the Crepe Trim...

The Gold Ribbon does lay nicely and adds some sparkle.
Adhere just below the top of the bunting edge.

I also used a clean Water Brush and watercolored the yellow Splash Ink on the edges of the bunting, 6 of the triangle shapes, and over the Mardi Gras stamped images. Adhere the triangle at the top and over the ribbon. It looks like the paper is just folded over.

Adhere the Shabby Roses to the Leaves and bend the stem into a bit of a hook and hang it from each panel.

Here are a few of the panels up close.

The bunting from afar.

The bunting from an angle to show how it hangs.

Okay, my hostess gift is ready and I am ready to party Mardi Gras style!!

Thank you for joining our awesome Design Team each day for great inspiration.

Ciao for now,
-Trish Alger


  1. FABULOUS!!!! Simple ingredients but WOW.

  2. Cool technique to make the flag pieces of your bunting.

    1. Thank you Robin! I'm going to try it with some other books I have in my stash.