Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Forest of Trees!

So, me and the elves have been busy.

Last week we showed you how we dyed the Sisal Trees with various methods.   We then took the dried colorized trees and set about decorating them.   I used a circle template to cut bases for the trees from premade glitter papers.  I used E6000 since the glitter paper had such texture.  I did not want the trees to come loose (you will see why as we go). I then cut heavy weight black cardstock and glued that to the bottom of the bases to provide more strength.  

The first decorating step was to use a toothpick and carefully dab white glue (Alene's, Mod Podge or even Elmers) onto the trees which after being glittered, would resemble ornaments. This was tedious and took 15 minutes per tree.  Use of various colors of glitter produced some fun effects.

After making 'ornaments' I used white glue again and simply rubbed it over the tree with my fingers and then added a different color of glitter.  I stayed with clear/white to create the illusion of snow for the overall glitter.  

Assorted toppers were added from my stash of oddball ephemera   Jewelry, pompoms, beads and whatevers are great for this use.  

The final steps required a champagne glass, some faux snow, a tealight candle, fringes, fiber trims, ribbonsgold stickers and E6000.   

Wrap the candle* with ribbon or jewels, using a touch of glue to make sure it holds, then I added a touch of gold sticker trim.   (*battery or real, your choice) 

THEN, adding a trim to the base really gives it a finish.

Here is another little bonus idea.  Using our wooden spools to create more trees, I cut apart a faux evergreen branch into individual mini "trees".  Paint the spool, glue the branch into the hole and VOILA!   Decorate with little beads and baubles, add some glitter if you like.  I added painted wooden stars to some for a topper.  Add some trim to the 'trunk' if you like. 

I always keep a stash of plastic knives from take-out foods, it makes cleanup of the glue and paint so easy.  And they are totally replaceable.

Hope you're inspired to make your own little forest!