Monday, November 28, 2016

Angel spoolie

Hello again. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. I ate too much, as usual. Today I have a fun little project for you. It's called a spoolie. If you have never done one before, they are fun and can be a simple or as bling-ed up as you like.  This one is a little more Victorian theme than Holiday, but you could very easily change up some of the paper and ebellishments and make a fun little stand up holiday decoration (for any holiday) or even a tree ornament. 

List of supplies:
empty old wooden thread spool (from my stash)
orange juice lid, yes OJ lid.. (or you can use these cute little tart tins from AP)
Aileen's tacky glue
Matte medium
your choice of scrapbook paper
plastic pearls
high gloss medium
acrylic paint
1/4 in dowel cut to size
Glue gun

As usual I assemble a bunch of items to choose from and weed down as I go.

I started by cutting a circle of my chosen paper and use matte medium to apply it to the inside round of the juice lid. If you are using a tart tin, you can omit the paper or cut a piece to match the inside bottom of your tin. After the paper dried, I used high gloss medium on top of the paper to seal it and give it shine.

Here i am using the reverse side of my chosen paper to cover the center of the spool.  I used a see-thru silver edged ribbon on top of the paper after it dried. You can still see the paper pattern through it and the silver adds a nice shine.

I printed the angel collage sheet one time regular and then reversed it and printed again so I would have my image on both sides of the spoolie. I  attach one image to some cardstock or chipboard to give it some stability. Then I fussy cut the image out after it has dried.

Here is the fussy cut side attached to card stock then I fussy cut the reversed image and glue it to the opposite side of the first piece.

Here I glued some fake pearls to the outer edge of the juice lid and checked to make sure I still had some room around the spool to add more fun stuff to. In front is my 2 sided angel head on card stock.

Begin to decorate as you wish. Here I used some silver and green sparkly stuff from Christmas picks I had in my stash. Before I add too much, I want to get my spool attached to the base.

I cut to size the dowel I was using, cut a small slit in one end and glued my angel head on. I left about 1/2 inch above the top of the spool so I could add some decoration around the angel without covering her too much. I used a glue gun to add glue into the spool hole and hold the dowel in place. Then I hot glued to base.

I used some silver-pink tinsel and wrapped it around the dowel to hide it. Then I started adding my embellishments, resin flowers, buttons etc.

Here I'm adding flowers, a little wooden bird, some resin flowers and buttons to the bottom half in the juice cap. Attaching some to the cap and some to the wood base of the spool.

Here I have used some more high gloss to paint over the angels face on both sides. Once that has dried, I began using some pearlized champagne color acrylic paint to paint around the edge of the angel and cover up the white edges of the paper and card stock to finish the look.

Here she is all finished

and the opposite side.

I hope you try making a spoolie. They are a great little gift to make or just for a quick decoration. I have even made them for spoolie swaps!

Until next time.

Jen @ Dog-Ma Studio


  1. This is scumptious! Perfect for holidays and beyond. A lovely gift too!

  2. Thank you so much ladies. I hope you try one too! They are super fun.