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Feature Artist Lynne Suprock!

Altered Pages is honored
 to introduce you to 

Feature Artist

She is an amazing artist with a most amazing story!  Read on.....

Lynne Suprock is a mixed media artist and educator. She believes that art is a journey that is full of self discovery, inventiveness, and connecting. 
Particularly, Lynne feels that through art, the opportunity for healing can occur for many individuals.  The healing can be emotional or physical or both.

Lynne has taught online workshops, as well as retreats such as CREATE, Art Is You, Art and Soul and Beadfest.  Her work can be seen in multiple issues of Belle Armoire, Belle Amoire Jewelry, and Somerset Studio Gallery.  She also published in Pages, a Cloth-Paper-Scissors Magazine, and had two necklaces featured in 2013 Lark’s Books, Showcase 500 Art Necklaces.  Lynne was also design team member for Amazing Casting Products.  

As a little girl, I loved that my mother allowed me to sew at a young age. There was modeling clay for everyone outside, on the back porch, during the summers, and there was always glitter and Styrofoam around the house during the holidays for my siblings and myself.  What I remember most of all is the excitement of using the tools to make something and then showing others how to do the same. I loved “the making” of things and wanted to grow up to do that.  
Well, so as an adult, my family encouraged a different path, so I made the decision to put my art and passion for making, on hold.  I received a scholarship and pursued a nursing career, eventually ending up a provider in the critical care area.  As time went on, I obtained my graduate degree in nursing education. However, ironically perhaps, it was while I was teaching nursing that I focused on the art/healing connection that I witnessed providing positive outcomes for patients.  This epiphany has become my focus for every article I write and every workshop I teach today.

Oh my gosh!  There is not ever just one favorite tool. However, there are definitely a few things that I love using, but it depends on the project because I do a bit of everything.  Besides the basic hammer and drill, I favor the torch, soldering iron, and kiln for all that I melt, enamel or connect.  I also would not be without metal hole punches.  They are quick, and since I do lots of jewelry items, they are efficient.  I find I like the BeadSmith brand the best which has a variety of hole punch sizes.  I am also a resin-holic. Since I was fortunate to work with the folks at Amazing Casting Products, I will say that I love using their Amazing Casting Resins (fast curing) and colorants the best.  Lastly, I am painting more and experimenting with paints and finishes in general.  

I favor the alcohol inks by Tim Holtz and the acrylic paints by Golden and by DecoArt.  DecoArt has a 

 and wax that I enjoy using on jewelry box redesigns.  Additionally, I absolutely love the Guilder’s Paste which gives beautiful relief to anything raised.

This is a trick question for me.  I love metal. Therefore, I love metallics and color/finishes that pick up sheen and sparkle.  However, I think it depends on my mood and the project on which I want to work.  I favor the neutral colors to begin anything in the paint mode.  That would be bisque or grey.  From there I elaborate and use the colors I am feeling at the moment.   Most times I am pleased with the results. If you look at most of the things now in the studio, you will find a crimson red or a lime green peeking out on things involving paint.

Everything has inspiration…How food lies on a plate, how paint is weathered, how stones stack.  Things like riding in a car singing to the radio will free my mind to think of something in a different way.  Talking with the engineers in my family is many times the most inspirational, as what they do and how they think really does not differ much in process to how I think or what I do.  Additionally, I enjoy brainstorming with art friends, and could talk incessantly about hinges and clasps, or how to figure out a new way to use ink. I think we all benefit from sharing what we’ve learned or discovered with each other.  For me, that sparks excitement and inspires me to make leaps to multiple ah-ha moments.  The real gratification comes then in sharing and knowing I can make a small difference in someone’s day through what I do through art.

Just hot off the press... read about Lynne's latest project published in the October issue of Jewelry Affair!

Lynne’s has a Facebook Page, an Etsy site and a web page at



  1. Very nice reading and learning about Ms. Suprock's muse; where it came from and how it manifests.

    Lovely items shown - would love to see more!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us! I too would love to see more!

  3. Your art is beautiful and unique! Thank you so much for sharing it here with us.


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