Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thanksgiving leaves

Some super simple fall decorations today--I'm thinking one at each places setting this Thanksgiving?  And really, you could make these for any, well, any anything by changing the collage image to match the holiday or event.  Think Christmas, Halloween, a wedding, baby shower . . .

What you'll need:
Thanksgiving collage page
Leaves large enough to collage an image onto
metallic paint--for making multiples, spray paint is the easiest, but if you don't have a good place to use spray paint, settle back and enjoy some brush time with your favorite copper, gold, or bronze.
Gel Medium (I like matte, but use your favorite)
ribbon or seam binding (optional)

1.  Paint the leaves, front and back, and allow them to dry.

 2.  Cut or tear collage images to glue to leaves.

3.  Using the gel medium, adhere the images to the leaves.  

4.  Add a protective coating of gel medium to the outside of the image.  Allow this to dry.

5.  Tie some ribbon or silky seam binding to the stem of the leaves for a little extra embellishment.

Options:   Use Metallic waxes at
                        Metallic paints at DIYDesignStudio
                        Metallic Glazes at DIYDesignStudio

Happy Fall, y'all!


  1. clever - and pretty - would also make nice centerpiece additions!

  2. has metallic paints too, plus AlteredPages has metallic waxes, perfect for preserving thr leaves.
    Lovely project and great idea!

  3. String them together and it would be a cute garland.

  4. String them together and it would be a cute garland.