Saturday, July 16, 2016

Tell the truth! Which Paint is BEST?

I have a confession to make and will admit it as I post my Sunday info.

I have always loved to paint, anything not moving was game for me!  I was at Ikea and found some returned chairs, in perfect condition  AND ASSEMBLED!   I snapped them up.

I did these before (there I said it) I found Dixie Belle paints, but if I had known then about DBP....WOW

I knew I had to make one for each grandchild.  Jake needed something really fun and of course, black. I got my inspiration from a card I received, it was Frogs doing the Can-Can.   SO>>>>>>

Just because you CAN CAN....doesn't mean you should should.
I added wood adornments painted bright red to match the card I saved.   A Mardi Gras plastic doodad applied to the center back added some whimsy.  Other paints, metallics and acrylics were dotted all over.

You could use DBP Midnight Black as a base, with metallic glazes.   Of course, you want to use Satin Clear Sealer on any project that may get a lot of use.

I wanted to share this with you today to let you know painted furniture can be so whimsical and FUN, not just the expected.   

Next week I will share Gabby's chair, a wonderfully delicious pink concoction of sweetness and femininity.  It is beaded and collaged and has glass knobs.

Hope this inspired you to order some Dixie Belle Paints and get going on those fabulous projects you have in mind.  Look around at the simplest things for inspiration like a card or postcard.   Maybe create one for the person who sent the card?

Stay tuned, we will give away a Gift Pack of Dixie Belle including a paint, Clear Sealer, a brush and sponge sander!


  1. I ordered a lot of Dixie Belle paints this week - can't wait to get them and start playing ... maybe I'll start with my studio chair!

    1. Love that idea! show us when you are done.

  2. Jean, I love how the chair turned out!!