Thursday, July 14, 2016

coordinating glassware with chalk paints

We're getting ready for a gender reveal party, and I'm doing up a couple of centerpieces--one blue, one pink, of course.  Chalk paint is a super simple way to tie inexpensive glassware together with a unified theme.  Here is round one, The Girl:

 I started with a soft paintbrush, some random glassware, and Dixie Belle Paint in a lovely Tea Rose.

The outside of all the glassware got a coating--it really doesn't take much paint.  There's no need to prepare the glassware in any special way, just make sure it's clean.

I like a little bit of distressing, so with the aid of some sandpaper, I added a few scritchy scratches here and there over the surfaces of all the pieces.

Using a soft cloth, each piece got a coating of the Clear Satin to protect the finished paint.

Love that sweet collage page--I'm thinking it will make up some tags to tie to the glassware?  The punch cup and ice cream glass will now be candleholders, and the tall one is still a vase waiting for flowers, of course. 

Here are some other pretty-in-pink, baby party perfect products at Altered Pages:


  1. So pretty and what a fun "reveal" idea.

  2. Fantastic use of the paint. It is so versatile! Happy BABY!