Friday, July 15, 2016

Altered Pages, Dixie Belle and Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween! 
Well, not quite, but it's never too soon to start planning, right?

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday and
 I guess I have a bit of the Halloween bug already.
So I thought let's go with it and give a cute little candle holder a fabulously vintage Halloween makeover   with some Dixie Belle Chalk Paint and Altered Pages of course!

This is what I started with, a cute little tea light candle holder that actually has been made over a couple times.  This most recent makeover included paint with Dixie Belle Paint in Pure Ocean then using black acrylic paint I added some swirls.  This was fine, but it's been that way for a while and well, it was just time for a fresh look. 

So, I gave it a light sanding with my sanding sponge. 
Then,  wiped it clean with a mildly damp paper towel.  
 Next, came a layer of black using my Dixie Belle Midnight Sky.   And, again I sanded exposing a good bit of that beautiful Pure Ocean underneath.

Next, I got 5 big flowers from my stash.  Any flower that will take paint will work.  My favorites, though, are Petaloo Flowers.  You can find them in many colors, but no matter what color they come in you can customize so easily whether using chalk paint
(which is what I did here), acrylic paint or even Niji Splash Inks.  

 For this I watered down my Midnight Sky Dixie Belle chalk paint and just slathered it on with my paint brush. You can see that I got nice and messy making sure to get all the petals coated.  

In the picture above, I took the flowers one step farther to make them look a bit more decrepit
and distressed. This is for Halloween after all. 
To do this I grabbed my Dixie Belle Swamp Mud texture medium in white and added a bit of the watered down Midnight Sky. I and added it to the flowers in a very random way.  I set those off to dry.  They were very wet and soupy so they needed a good hour or two.

The next phase was adding my collage images.   

 I used images from Spooky Halloween and
The Other Side of Halloween.   I adhered them with my trusty Aleens Tacky Glue. Love the quick drying time.

I gave all of the collages images a light sanding
with my sanding sponge.  I then gave the entire project a couple coats of Dixie Belle Satin clear coat sealer and allowed everything to dry overnight.

The next day, I added Giant Gems from the Glitz "Raven" collection to the centers of my flowers and hot glued the flowers  in place on the candle holder.
In the pics below you see the front and back.


Here is a little close up of the distressed collage image and a watchful spooky eye!

 This is the final piece all aglow just waiting for All Hallows Eve.   I can't wait either!!! 

Pretty from all sides so I can use it as a centerpiece
or wherever I like.   Thanks for joining me.  I hope you enjoyed my little sneak peak into Halloween in July.  Thanks to Altered Pages and Dixie Belle Paints!

Have a great weekend!
Steph S.


  1. I like this a lot - nice job! I've spritzed Prima flowers with ink mists before - but never tried painting them before - thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you Tristan! Yes, you should definitely try painting them. The pics here don't do the flowers justice...they look old, dusty and crusty and perfect for Halloween. The Swamp mud gave them great extra texture.

  2. PERFECT! I really like having good old pieces that can be redone and redone as your mood changes! The flowers covered with MUD was genius.