Thursday, June 16, 2016

the further adventures of Ms. Doll

Ms. Doll is back, this time with a new persona. (If you don't recall her previous self, you may want to check her out HERE.) 

Ms. Doll's new mask is that of Marie Antoinette.

Here is a peek at her makings--a chipboard bird set from Gypsy Soul makes up her headdress, bits of wire giving the idea of flight from the nest.  You can see that I find that clothespins make fantastic little clamps!

She has some cheesecloth embellishments on her shoulders, and honestly, at first I was thinking they're a bit too large. But then again, she's a paper doll with birds nesting on her head and roosting on her shoes!   

Here she has a peplum, but it's removable.

Here she is sans peplum, but with plenty of ruffles.

Just a silly, fun make, and one that lends itself to further creating.  This particular dress and ruffles are made from book pages--you can find the easy directions for that HERE.  And don't forget to leave a comment for a go at the June goody bag, from Altered Pages!

cheesecloth and jewels


  1. What a fun and charming doll ... it really does take paper dolls to another level! Love it!

  2. GENIUS! She is stunning, if she had these embellishments avaialble I'm sure she would have worn them!

  3. :) Thank you! I'm particularly fond of using that chipboard dolly (so much sturdier than cardstock), and the articulated joints are a bonus, as well--lots more potential poses!

  4. All her glory indeed, Trisha - beautifully done!!!

  5. Okay, now you've done it! This has to be my favorite doll ever!!! Love the birds and nest, too much fun!

  6. Gorgeous Trisha, love the birds flying from the nest! xx