Friday, June 17, 2016

More fun with Gypsy Laser Cuts and Altered Pages!


Today I have for you something a little boho...a little Gypsy.
What a perfect pairing with our partner this month...Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.  

I have made for you a Sari Silk, beaded, charmed and bejeweled necklace. 
The crowning jewel on this piece, however is not a jewel at all...
it is a Gypsy Laser Cut Clock Hand.    

This is what we started with, Sari Silks, charms, and the hour hand laser cut.
I want to point out that this is not a silver toned necklace or gold toned piece.
I purposefully used silver tone, gold tone, semi-precious beads, wood beads and crystals.    I wanted this to truly go with anything.  This is also not symmetrical.
This is whimsically asymmetrical and actually convertible....keep reading.  :-)

I embossed the clock hand in a few different colors of embossing powder.
Basically, I used variations of gold, silver and a glittery blend, thus adding to the multi-metallic blend of the finished piece. 

Next, using wire wrapping techniques I added a wooden bead at one end of my necklace and a silver bead at the other end of the Sari Silk strand. 
These would be my "anchors" if you will.  From these anchor pieces I can add just about anything.  

Left side.... 

Right side....
And next, fun beads and charms.... 

 I wired up a number of different beads and charms using traditional jewelry DIY techniques.

I then added the beads to the Sari necklace using light bulb safety pins in most cases.  You can find them HERE  They are a must have for any vintage obsessed jewelry designer!   What I love about the light bulb safety pins is that they make this a completely convertible piece.  You can make it longer, shorter, less beads, more beads, more charms, less get the idea. And then, if next Tuesday you want to change it again you can without destroying all of your hard work... and for us creative types that is a great thing! 

I was able to take the focal point, the embossed hour hand laser cut, and move it, center it, raise and lower it along with all the beads because of those wonderful light bulb safety pins.
Here it is very symmetrical with the clock hand working as a pendant if you will.  

You can see the difference between the pic above and below that I have doubled up the beaded section and changed the look of the necklace altogether by moving a few of the light bulb safety pins.  This created the most amazing asymmetrical design.  I know the pictures do not do it justice.  I hope you can see the change from a single beaded strand to double. And, uh, that Sari Silk, I could work with it everyday.

So, with that I will bid farewell.   Have a lovely weekend and get those creative juices flowing!   Go make something beautiful!

Thanks for joining me...
~Steph S.   

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  1. I think I'll 'steal' a few of your jobs and create a version of your necklace as a new nifty keychain for myself! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Great idea, Tristan! I'm glad you liked it.

  2. I would wear this qll the time! Great that it could be made to look different and it goes with most anything too! Great gift idea with the charms specific to the receiver. Thanks!

  3. Pretty, colorful and shiny! Trifecta!

  4. All these elements work so wonderfully together Steph, such a lovely unique piece! xx