Friday, June 24, 2016

Independence Angel

Greetings!  I'm going to let you in on a little secret. (Or maybe not so secret?)  Design team members get creative block just like everyone else.  I fought and fought with my Muse this week trying to finish a project to share with you today. 

I started with a coat of gesso on a Gypsy Soul Laser Cut articulated doll and then set her aside wondering what to do with her.  Eventually I decided to paint half of her Caucasian and half African-American...and then I stalled. 

So I grabbed a Gypsy Soul hot air balloon and painted the balloon part red and used blue ink on the basket...and then I stalled.  I painted some Gypsy Soul gears with gold paint...and then I stalled.

Okay, so now I have parts and pieces all over my desk and the deadline is getting closer and closer.  What to do?  I finally decided to make a card and went through several patterns of scrapbook paper.  Still not happy.  Wow, it was bad.  Then it hit me!  I could make a Fourth of July card and guess what??  I used them all!

I started with the doll and painted her body with the glossy red paint that I used on the hot air balloon.  Because the body had a coat of gesso first, the red is a little brighter and a little glossier.  I attached the arms with a couple of brads I stole from another project.

I didn't' like the way the legs looked attached that way and I decided she needed a skirt to hide where they meet.  I took some scalloped scissors to the hot air balloon top and flipped it upside down.  A piece of ribbon makes a nice belt. 

Okay, now I have a lady doll.  Cool!  She still seemed a little plain to me so I painted more gesso on a Gypsy Soul set of wings.  These were actually "U" shaped wings so I cut them apart to get the right angle.  And one of the gold chipboard gears made a perfect halo.

The "AMERICA" and ribbon are from the Americana collage sheet and the red, white and blue polka dot paper is from a 6x6 Authentique paper pad.  Add those to some card stock and a rubber stamp that I've had for about 20 years and my card is complete. 

I hope you like my little Independence Angel.  God bless America!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts chipboard shapes
Authentique paper pad - Seaside
Americana collage sheet
Tacky Glue
Dimensional adhesive squares (arms)
Double-sided adhesive tape
Red, white, blue card stock
Various paints


  1. This is a fantastic project. She repesents America at it's finest, a mixture of cultures and races coming together with the Red White and Blue. KUDOS for being so inspired after all!

  2. I like the way she came together and the Balloon skirt is a real creative idea!

  3. Robin this is a fabulous card! The 4th of July is my favorite holiday and you made the perfect project for it. I especially love the balloon as a overskirt, great way to mix it up. Your creative block created magic.

  4. brilliant and powerful creation! and a great message about getting blocked and working your way through it with determination! xo