Thursday, May 19, 2016

throw kindness around like confetti--a deco square

Have you ever made a deco square?  You probably have, and didn't even realize it.  It's what we used to call square/rectangular art pieces, made for decoration, and sometimes they were swapped.  I imagine they still are.  This particular one also has inchies in all four corners, created on Eco Board pieces, which gives it some depth.

Unfortunately, I do not know who did the fun calligraphy. 

Happy Thursday to you!  Now go throw some kindness around . . .

Eco Board  for the corner inchies
Vintage Text pages for the collage background
ink pads or spray inks for the background and cheesecloth
Rubber Stamp Depot heart images
inks for stamping and staining the torn edges

chalks to color in the hearts
crayons for distressing
adhesive for gluing it all together
cheesecloth for texture

1 comment:

  1. Love this deco square, so pretty and the inchie corners are just the right touch! xoxo