Sunday, May 15, 2016

Scrappin Sunday with Colors

Hi guys, Jean here today with some old memories and some new thoughts.

Who remembers when the scrapbooking craze started in the late 80's and early 90's?   I DO!   We had to have all the different scissors and stickers.   Wow, have we come a long way since then!   Stamps and Inks are important now.

We got fancy with papers and embellishments, the corner rounder was and still is my favorite go to tool!

Family memories were captured and treasured for always.

For today, I did a simple scrap layout using papers and a Rubber Stamping Depot Stamp,  (Diamonds)  I also used oil crayons to accent the colors.   I had some diecuts from our selection of cutting dies which I also added.   Since this was a photo from the 80's and Valley Girls were all the rage, I added our Rotary stamp images of 'Totally' and 'For sure'!

I also want to share some ideas for color usage.   Color has one of the strongest effects on people. You may not like the image but the colors may appeal to you.

The following are some examples of HEX colors which are the colors on computer photos/images.  Do you like garlic?  Or do you like the colors?

These color charts are from Visme, a purchasable computer design aid. 

Having a color chart or book is a good way to ensure your work is as you want it to appear, soothing or striking.   Our scrapping and instruction books are on sale, see them HERE!    And for your journaling, we have some great templates to use.

Kandinsky is a pioneer in Abstract Art and yet, we see the basics never change...placement, color and interest all come together for a classic painting.  


THANKS for stopping by, make sure to  join me next week as we discover more about color and scrapping with stamps, embellishments, paints, and inks.  

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