Saturday, April 30, 2016

MAY DAY Already?

Howdy to you and 
to a beautiful month of May.

My name is Jean and I am addicted to the colors of Spring!

Hello dear friends and followers.    May Day is filled with flowers and the promise of summer breezes to come.   Everything is blooming, yes even in the desert.   May gives us, in the USA, Mother's day, Cinco de Mayo, and Memorial Day.  Many other international holidays take place in May as well, such as Orthodox Easter, Flag Day and Holocaust Memorial.  

I am getting ready to change out the decor and felt a bit patriotic for Memorial Day. So the candlesticks and sofa pillows will be stars and stripes and the outdoor welcoming will be red, white and blue.  
I wanted a new piece for outside and created my Blog project for today.      

I started with a piece of wood, however, a Canvas Art Board would be perfect too~  I coated it with chalk paint, using a creamy color with a splash of the blue and black SPLASH INKS to get the desired color.   Allow to dry while you paint some wooden stars (or cut from cardstock).   

I dyed some scraps of fabrics and lace reddish using Splash Inks again. Allow to dry.  I left some fabric creamy white.  Another perfect item to use is our burlap which also accepts paint well.  After all was dry, I added a hanger to the back.  

Now for the assembly;
You could use a staple gun, hot glue or E6000 to attach all the pieces.  
For the hanging tails, place the shorter pieces of fabrics on the back of the base and either glue or staple into place.   Then overlap and affix the wider, longer pieces stapling them into place.  

I then laid the lace onto the front of the board, wrapping the edges around to the back side.  I placed three strips including one of cream, leaving some bare wood for the stars to show off.  Lastly, I glued the stars into place.   It is nice to cover the back side to look finished even though it might not be seen.  Make sure to sign and date your work.

Excitement!  We have 2 sponsors this month.  

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