Monday, April 11, 2016

Gift bags galore (featuring paper by Sabor)!!!

Festive gift bags featuring Sabor paper!  
Design by Judy Wood


My designer gift bags are featured in a little shop in Old Town Scottsdale, for Spring, I decided to have a little fun using Sabor papers!

Cut a 12x12 Sabor paper in six inch squares. Find a pattern using both sides of the double side paper that’s pleasing to the eye.

Use Aleene's Tacky Glue to glue squares onto any size gift bag (available at most craft stores, or UPcycle).

I use a heavy book after applying glue to make sure nothing shifts and the bag doesn’t warp.  Wait about 15 minutes before moving the book.
I found two of the squares didn’t fit as flush as I would have liked, so I used some black and white ribbon to cover up the white of the bag.  Add matching fabric flowers.

Add bright colored ribbons, tissue paper and add gift(s)!  Great for Graduations, Birthdays, baby showers, wedding gifts, or any occasion!   

One fun idea is to fill the bag with your favorite homemade salsa, add chips!  Another idea is to put all the ingredients you need for enchiladas and gift to a neighbor or friend!  ENJOY!



  1. a simple and wonderful way to adorn gift bags. thanks for the idea! xo

  2. Love these Judy! So fun and vibrant! xx