Friday, April 15, 2016

Embellishing with Sabor

Thanks for joining me today! 
Stephanie here and today's project is a beautiful pendant made with Sabor Papel images.
So, take a look below and see how I created it.
My previous post from two weeks ago was an altered cigar box / jewelry box / craft keeper. 
I ended up adding a few more layers and I really love it.  One of my fav's is the perfectly paired with Sabor fabric flowers that Altered Pages has.  They are gorgeous and one of a kind!   Also available are laces and trims
This will be the new home for the pendant I made today.
Here is the updated version showcasing my new necklace, which I am in love with btw!
Here is the original..
Now, to get going on that pendant...
I started out with two 2x2 Eco-Boards
I hot glued a jewelry pin to the back of one board for
hanging and adding additional beads to the bottom.
Next, I painted the boards with black acrylic paint and a bit of bold and copper from my Gelato Metallic Lux Set.   
Then, it was time to add a few fussy cut images from Sabor Papel.
I used images from this 12x12 Sentimentios Amor. 
The front.  Waiting & waiting for decoupage to dry. Dry...dry...please! 
And, here is the back.

Next, it was time to attach the front and back.  I added a bit of purple tulle to the middle.
I am not sure about this.  It just might get trimmed away....we will see.
Here it is all put together with the chain added.  This was a broken rosary.  I would Never take one apart for craft purposes. This was broken and in a mystery goodie bag from an antique store.
I knew some day I would find a great use for it.   
And, the beautiful new bobble in her new home.

I did give the purple tulle a trim after all and I think I like it better without.

You can be your own judge.

Thanks for joining me today. 
Make sure to check out our gracious hosts!
Have a BEAUTIFUL Weekend!
Stephanie Siatta


  1. The update to the jewelry box really made it more glamorous! Love the lace, reminds me of mantillas. The necklace is very creative and fun!