Thursday, April 7, 2016

Creating a VELADORA with Altered Pages and Sabor Papel

Today I have a veladora to share with you. You may know that veladoras are traditional candles used to symbolize prayers, vows of prayer, or simply honoring God or one of His Saints. They are also used in Day of the Dead celebrations. This one was created using the Sabor paper La Guitara, not because of the guitars, but because on the opposite side is the birthday song, Las MaƱanitas, which is generally sung in the morning to wake the birthday boy or girl, and of course before eating cake!

Translated to English, the lyrics are something like this:

This is the morning song that King David used to sing.
Today being the day of your saint, we sing it to you.

Wake up my dearest, wake up, see now that the day has dawned
the sparrows are singing, the moon has finally set.

How lovely is this morning, when I come to greet you
we all come with joy and pleasure to congratulate you.

The very day you were born all the flowers first bloomed
and in the baptismal font all the nightingales sang.

The dawn has come my darling, and the sunlight is here for us.
Rise up and shine with the morning and you'll see that here's the dawn.

(Supply list at the end of post)  I used gel medium to adhere the papers, German Scrap braid, and all the golden glass beads and glitter.  The Altered Pages image is printed on a light weight paper, and there is a "window" of glass around the edges, which is covered with the beads and glitter.  This is to allow the candle light to glow through.

Here you can see the space between the La Guitara paper and the image getting a coat of gel medium, just before adding the gold embellishments.

It's really nice when something works like I think it will!!!  :)

Supplies used:
pillar glass vase or candle holder
La Guitara paper
gel medium
Nativity Angels collage page
German Scrap braid
gold beads and glitter

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  1. GORGEOUS WORK! Thanks for this beauty.


  3. That's so cool looking. I want to try that. Happy Birthday to Stephanie!

  4. Hey, Happy Birthday, Stephanie!!!


  5. Very nice project, Trisha! Reminds me of my childhood. My mom always had decorative candles around the house. :-)

  6. Beautiful. Always lovely work, Trisha.

    ~Cyndi Duncan

  7. Lovely candle holder, and I love that music paper, too!