Saturday, April 23, 2016

CINCO de MAYO Party Banner!

On Wednesday I started my Cinco de Mayo party banner...  I have already done a lot of paper cutting!!! Today I am going to assemble my banner. So let's start!

Just a short recap!  From the beautiful Sabor paper cut 10 pennants!
10 - Large base pennant is 9 1/2 x 5 1/2
Layered with a smaller pennant 5 1/2 x 3
Spent a lot of time embellishing my Black Cardstock letters with my Gold Pen (this is the best gold pen ever!!!)

Supplies, click on each one for a link to the product:
SABOR - Ole Picado
SABOR - OLE Sorpresa
SABOR - OLE Fiesta
SABOR - OLE Celebar
SABOR - Ole Cutouts
Black Cardstock
Gold Pen
Tacky Glue
Dew Drops
Glue Stick
Bazzill Flowers - orange and lime green
Trims - Lace and & Ribbons

 Adhere the smaller pennants to the larger pennants, then add the letters with glue Glue Stick.

Trim the tops of each of the pennants with black lace using tacky glue.

Embellish each pennant with Gold Dew Drops.

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to glue the pennants to it plus have enough to tie it when you go to hang it.  Glue each of the pennants to the ribbon.

Embellish the top of each pennant with SABOR - Ole Cutouts and Bazzill flowers!

Add colorful SARI SILK between the words and at each end... you are now finished with a very festive banner!


  1. The party is at Lyneen's house! Woot woot!! What a gorgeous, fun bbanner! I love it.

    1. Thanks Robin... It would look great with your banner!

  2. This is the perfect party banner! Hang it over the front door to welcome guests or above the buffet table. The lace and sari silk is a grand finishing touch! Thanks for sharing it...

    1. Thanks Jean... It was so much fun to make!!!