Monday, March 7, 2016

"Discovering My Muse" Acrylic Tag

I love experimenting, don't you? Various techniques, mediums, tools, and how they interact with one another. It's so exciting! 

Well, I discovered such fun when I played with my Gelli Plate and my newly acquired deli paper. Great prints and patterns on a thin translucent paper. What to do with them? I held them up against my recently de-stashed clear acrylic tags and eureka! The exciting discovery unfolded before my viewers on Periscope and I was thrilled with the results.

Here is where we will eventually end up:

Now to begin as we mean to continue. First the list of required ingredients:

Gelli Plate 5x7  

Acrylic Paint  and Splash Inks  
Stencils  and Punchinella  
Glaze Medium  
Stazon Ink  
Mailbox Muse Dragonfly Rubber Stamp Set  
Mailbox Muse Alphapalooza Rubber stamp Set  
Mailbox Muse Gothic Rubber Stamp Set  
Mailbox Muse Altered Artist Rubber Stamp Set  
Acrylic Block for Stamps  
Clear Acrylic Plastic for the Tag  
Art Anthology Sorbet Texture Paint  
Sari Ribbon  
Palette Knives  
Pipettes for Inks  
Other Supplies:
Deli Paper (I used the patty paper squares)

Pick a color palette to keep it harmonious. I wanted yellows and white for my Gelli Plate 5x7 prints; therefore I needed a background Art Anthology Sorbet Texture Paint that would work well with my muted palette instead of overwhelming it. The Viridian color did a better job than the Imperial Purple which was too dark; then the Vegas Gold was lost in the yellow scheme. Plan ahead and you will reap great results.
There is a great Gelli Plate Tutorial on the site.

Here are a few looks at my Gelli printing processes using the deli paper:

Each print is unique and interesting. So many possibilities for crafting. 

Set aside your prints to dry (it doesn't take long) and grab your Muse stamp and an acrylic tag.
**Now I had a combination of purchased acrylic tags and scrap, acrylic, packing plastic that I diecut with my tag die. If you have neither, then cut a paper tag template, and use it to cut your own out of scrap acrylic. 
Using the Stazon Ink ink up the images and text you've chose for your tag from the Mailbox Muse Rubber Stamp Collection of your choice, that you've placed on the Acrylic Block for Stamps
were used for this one:

Stamp the image on the dried Gelli print, (on the painted side).

Place a thin layer of Glaze Medium on the tag and place it over the stamped image on the Gelli print.

Flip it over and smooth the deli paper side flat with a brayer. Set aside to dry.  

When dry, trim the paper around the tag, flip over and cover with a layer of Art Anthology Sorbet Texture Paint I used Viridian Sorbet. I like to use the palette knife to create some texture for interest.

Almost done...

After the paint has dried, re-punch the hole and add the Sari ribbon.

I had so much fun experimenting and discovering my Muse this week; let me know if you do too!

Take a gander at all of the wonderful inspiration the AlteredPages Design Team has dreamed up for you each day.

Ciao for now,
-Trish Alger


  1. beautiful tags - great technique - you've inspired me to make a mess in my studio!

    1. Aww, thanks Tristan! I'd love to see what you create.

  2. love all the layers, great inspiration.

    1. Thank you Jean! Great creative fun.

  3. Wonderful tutorial and tags!

    1. Thank you Tonya! You're very encouraging.

  4. Such wonderful detail, love the color combinations, texture and interest to these.
    The sari ribbon is a great finishing touch too :)

    1. Thank you Heather! You are very encouraging.

  5. Great altered tags!! Very pretty color scheme and design.

    1. Thank you Robin! It's Springtime here so I was inspired.