Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pocket Fairy Tag

Hello  Everyone, 
Judy Wood here today...

Let's make a FAERIE tag with a pocket to hold it.

Pocket tag
Add spray inks to both sides of the tag (keep it simple using one or two coordinating colors, i.e. look at your color wheel).  For this, I wore gloves as the spray inks can get messy.   Let dry (once dry, I often use a very heavy art history book to flatten my work)

Tissue paper (any style will do, I like to use pre-printed tissue paper). Cut or tear to approximate size of the tag, crumble, open gently.  Hint: you can also use lace paper, rice paper, old book paper, etc.  Find what works best for you!  

Matte medium is then applied to the back of the tissue paper, then apply to tag.   Since the tissue paper is thin, work lightly with your fingers to spread the paper out from the middle, a slight tear is okay here and there, but you don’t want the tissue paper to come off in shreds on your background. 

The matte medium (or gloss if you prefer) makes the ink colors POP!  I love this step!  Try this technique on other heavy papers such as watercolor or mixed media paper.  I’ve worked as large as 16x20" using this technique!

Fold and staple to create the ‘pocket’.
Stamp on the tag if you’d like.

For this item, I used two small pieces of deckled edge paper, sprayed, torn, then glued together using my favorite Aileen’s Glue however any card stock can do.

Using a water resistant stamp pad, such as Versamark, stamp your image.
Add the inked tissue paper with matte medium also you can add glitter paints or sprays.  Personally, I like to add the glitter paint with my fingers.

Allow the tag to dry, insert in the pocket, and give as a gift or use in your favorite fairy book as a bookmark!

Use any ribbon to put through the tag, I sprayed mine with coordinating spray inks.

If you like more dimension, you can always add 3D flowers and other embellishments!   See all the great supplies and find them on our site.   

Vintage Text Paper
Tacky Glue
Shimmer Spritz
Splash Ink

Thanks to our partner this month for the wonderful Faerie Stamps.


  1. Love the use of colors and how you created a pocket in you tag. Wonderfully done!

  2. Thank you! I started making my own pocket tags a few years ago, Paris themed! Have fun creating!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Robin! I do enjoy fairy art! I will share a shadowbox one day soon!