Sunday, January 10, 2016

This week at CHA

As many of you know this is the BIG week for the Craft and Hobby industry.   The convention is in Anaheim, CA. this year BUT next year is moving to PHOENIX!!!

To honor CHA this year, we will give away a jar of glitter with each order this week.  Just add CHA to your order instructions to receive yours.   We all know, Glitter makes everything better!  (with postal orders)

Lyneen Jesse is representing AlteredPages in Anaheim, visiting many vendors on our behalf.  And we are sure she is having a blast!   

Here are some fun photos of her trip this year and some of our antics in the past years.

Two of our Favorite people - John Creighton Petersen and Lyneen 2016

Lyneen meeting friends


Cathy Filian from Mod Podge

a piece on display at CHA, created byTonya Trantham


Timm, Diane and Dina ~ Fabulous Artists and great people!

Jen Starr, wonderful techniques and a very cool person!

Lisa Fulmer 2015

Jean and The Crafty Chica!  

Get ready for NEXT YEAR IN PHOENIX 2017!

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  1. Oh so exciting to see all the photos from CHA and planning to go to Phoenix next year to get in on all the fun! Keep those photos coming please. :-)