Sunday, January 17, 2016

January is 1/2 OVER!!!

Are all of your Holiday decorations packed away?     Go ahead and shame me, look at me with that smug look of are you a slacker?  Well, I guess I am!  

I am still working on my mine, trying to purge as I pack!   EEEK.

We are filling a trash can, getting donations ready and laundering mountains of Holiday linens and clothing.   And we have cut back by 2/3 OMGOSH!    


We have new kits coming for you!   We will be showcasing Banners you will adore, more Valentines projects and St Pat's Day fun!   Make sure to visit this week.   You will enjoy seeing the previews on Facebook. 

The lovely LAMP project you saw this week from Stephanie will be offered as a kit with optional themes including Valentines Day, Steampunk and Shabby Chic.

Also coming up are truly fun KITS with tart tins with wooden spools you will love to make and give!   Add sweet collages.glitter and you will have the PERFECT Spring project.  

AND Our Senior Design Artist TRISHA NEAL will be making you swoon with her fabulous banners for spring and beyond.  

Having a Tea Party?  Baby Shower?  Entertaining?

Stay tuned for new items, fun projects and new plans!   

And the winner of the 
 Echo Artworks & Beth Shea ephemera giveaway is....
Donna Miller of MAINE
Have a groovy week!



  1. I tried purging my Christmas decorations a few years ago but ended up putting the giveaway boxes right beack in the closet. I couldn't do it. Congrats on the prize, Donna!

  2. Umm, my tree is still up. Lol.

  3. congrats Donna! good luck with the decoration put-away! xo