Saturday, December 12, 2015

Work on the my Christmas Napkin Rings

On Tuesday my post I shared how I molded my trees using Activa Fast Mache in candy molds. The next day with ridge wrap I made the rings for my napkin rings on the tube from a paper towel roll.

Wet Ridge Wrap thoroughly in the bowl of warm water, remove excess water.  Wrap around the tube overlapping each ring twice to create a thicker ring. When applying, rub the Ridge Wrap to help close the plaster holes in the wrap.   

Set aside to dry!!!!

Well that was a fail...  I had a hard time getting the rings off the tube! As you can see the Ridge Wrap adhered to cardboard from the tube!!! 

My next attempt I wrapped the tube of the paper towel roll with plastic wrap...

and set it aside to set!

When they had set, the plastic wrap slid off the roll easily and the plastic wrap released from the ring without sticking.  Now set aside to completely dry!


After the trees have set over night, release them from the candy mold, they still will be damp and needed to complete drying. 

While they were slightly damp, use an emery board to gently sand the edges removing any rough edges.

Once completely dried and sanded, prime the trees with Gesso.

Paint the trees green... I didn't have green paint, so I mixed a blue and yellow from my Art Anthology Acrylic Paints.

Add snow to the trees with a snow marker and heat gun!
While waiting for the rings to dry, add Dew Drops to the trees. 
Hope you are inspired to create Christmas d├ęcor for your table!


  1. The trees are beautiful. What a clever idea♥ I hope you post a picture of your table/

    1. THANKS!!! Once I get it set on Christmas Day I will be sure to take a picture!

  2. WOW, they turned out so lovely. They could make beautiful ornaments as well.

    1. Thanks!!! Yes, I was thinking the same thing... cute ornaments! They would look great on a card!

  3. These are fabulous, Lyneen. Love the look and using them for napkin rings is genius!

    1. Thanks Barbara! Having fun playing with all the products!