Thursday, December 10, 2015

Vintage Christmas Pendent

Vintage Christmas images are a great springboard for easy-peasy, creative gift giving.
Having ready-made "blanks" on hand makes creating a snap.  I created my blanks from this wonderfully versatile air-dry polymer clay from Activa        
(This is a great sticky-free clay.)

I liked the idea of a domino shaped pendant that was lightweight. I used my "pokey-tool" to push a hole through the domino shape.
(Ignore the messy surface, it will all be covered.)

Next step is to choose the perfect Vintage Christmas image.
(Trace around your shape for the image to cut out.)

Gel medium  works well to adhere your image to the blank. 
  (This mini set of mediums  is a great way to sample a product or include in an artistic gift set.)

When the gel dries, use a metallic marker over the back and sides.
(Kid-friendly project.)

Glaze covers the image, glitter is added to the corners and more glaze is added to keep the glitter flakes together. Scrap wire was fashioned into a haphazard bail and a length of satin cord completed the necklace. 

(Gift-giving in a snap.)

Activa Modena Soft has found a welcome spot on my craft table. 
-Trish Alger


  1. Fabulous project. I like that you make banks for future creations. Who would not want one of those? Your piece is truly a 'work of art'. Ball chain or purchased jewelry bales could be used for a beginner.

  2. Thank you both for your kind words. Yes, I use whatever I have on hand and a beginner could pare this process down even more.