Monday, December 21, 2015

Snowflake "Luminaire"

Crafting a Luminaire for our Christmas tree lights was super easy with:   Activa Modena Soft, Air Drying Polymer Clay.  


To decide the size of my Luminaire I glued down the chipboard snowflake I chose, from the pack, onto watercolor paper and covered it with aluminum tape (the type that A/C installers use). After smoothing the tape over the snowflake with a pencil eraser, I found a circle punch the size I needed..

Punched out the metal-covered snowflake, made a hole in the middle of the snowflake and used an Exacto knife to cut an "X" over the hole.  Punched one more circle, just out of the aluminum tape by itself. Set aside.

Next I took a lime-sized portion of the clay, rolled into a snake, then flattened. 

Placed it upon a long strip/border stamp; mine was approximately 12" in length. Then pressed another smaller stamp along the top, lightly pushing the clay into the stamp it is resting on. (I had a stamp reminiscent of a snowflake.)

What I just did was create impressions on both sides at one time. 

Gently peeled it up, trimmed the sides with a scissor or palette knife, and pressed ends together around the snowflake circle to size it. (Yes, it is that easy.)

*Let the clay air dry for a couple of hours or overnight. It will still be soft and flexible, but retain its shape and impressions.

To make the clay's raised images "pop", I used Gelatos Silver Ice with my fingertip. (Inside and outside the ring.) Then I adhered the ring to the snowflake circle.

 It still needed some bling so I added a few daps of stickles on the inside of the ring.

Finally I added the last aluminum circle to the back and poked through the hole again and re-cut the "X".

Pressing it over a tiny tree light bulb to fasten, you can see the magical luminaire qualities it brings. 

For this project you will need :
-Active Modena Soft Air Drying Polymer Clay  
-Leaky Shed Chipboard Snowflake  
-Aluminum air-duct tape
-Rubber stamps
-Stiff paper
-Circle punch
-Aleene's Tacky Glue  
-Pencil eraser
-Sharp knife

Here are a few angles:

****Here is my CAUTION****Our tree is lit ONLY when we are home. Please monitor any additions to your Christmas tree lighting. (Okay, that was all.)

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my studio entertainments using our great December partner: