Monday, December 7, 2015

Sea Life Frame

"With frigid temperatures on their way, 
book tropical cruises and plan to play."

I had a fabulously fun time playing with with my Modena Soft clay from Activa

 (This clay is non-sticky & super easy to use.)

Using this Seashell Mold I was able to create some embellishments for my frame. In less than an hour it was dry enough to remove from the mold, but I would air dry for at least a day before using. It continues to dry into a sturdy, flexible state. This clay was so user friendly that I could use my scissors to trim away the excess. 

       (I kneaded in powder and gelatos to achieve color.)

Using a bare wooden frame, I ran a bead of gel medium on the front and covered it with a scrap piece of tissue paper; pressing it down to adhere.
(Keeping it loose and crinkly adds great texture.) 

I then painted on the tissue paper with acrylic paints which further adhered the paper to the frame. 

(This requires no precision & allowed for plenty of color blending.)

I trimmed the excess tissue paper on the outside, glued down the loose edges with more gel medium and cut an X in the middle to create an opening for the picture. 
(Smooth to the inside edge and adhere with gel medium.)

Here I assembled all of the parts to determine placement.
(The lightweight clay is perfect for the tissue paper surface.)

Now I have the perfect gift for my cruise-loving relative.
 (Picture perfect Sea Life Frame.)

Activa offers a great, air-dry polymer clay that is a pure white; the perfect base for your color projects. What can you create?
-Trish Alger


  1. Fantastic and right up my alley, love all things ocean!

  2. I like your beachy frame. It would be wonderful for vaca photos!