Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saturday Shoppers Mailbox ~ Muse Kits make Great Gifts

Do you have some hard to buy for crafters on your list?  Want something special for them? Would you like a gift they could open and start creating immediately?  We have the answer for you!  Give on of our past Mailbox Muse Kits available HERE! 
Each kit has a collection of exciting products, including our own EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS, on such items as deeply etched red rubber stamps, collage sheets, transparencies, original project instructions and photos, plus more. We round out every collection with interesting and fun items from other fine manufacturers. Each collection has a retail value of at least $35, many being much higher.  Items vary in kits.



Think about all the fun your crafty friends could have!!!!
Don't forget we will gift wrap!!!

Order a gift from us and we will wrap it and ship it for you! How easy is that? It will be wrapped in Kraft paper with twine and a gift tag from you to them! (they can use the paper and twine in a project!) What a delightful surprise AND we make it stress-free for YOU. Maybe a budding artist neice or nephew, scrapbook pals or a favorite aunt. Order today! HERE!!!

Be sure to check back tomorrow and see more from our design team as they work with ACTIVA products!!!
And remember our giveaway... comment each day for more chances to win the Celluclay book!


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  1. I love it when past Mailbox Muse kits go on sale. I'll be sure to give them a look! So many nice art supplies available, too!