Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Modena Soft Cuff Bracelet

Gift-giving is not exclusive to the holidays. There are plenty of opportunities to bestow a blessing that you created. Handmade gifts were all the rage this year! 
Thank the hipsters for bringing crafting back in a big way.

(My crafty daughter, Kimberly, jumped in to make one of these cuffs her own. The dark inks give the appearance of leather.) 

The Activa Modena Soft Polymer Air Drying Clay is a wonderful product for many crafting needs. 
I was able to mold and cut this light and flexible clay to create cute cuff bracelets.

To start I rolled a portion of the clay into a snake and then flattened it.  At about an inch wide and 2/8 of an inch thick (this will flatten when you stamp it.)

 Use a textured rubber stamp to press the clay into.

Gently peel clay off of the rubber stamp and trim the edges until straight. 

Lay the strip of clay over a rounded surface to dry. I used the inside ring from a roll of tape.

Let it dry overnight. Punch 1-2 holes on each end for the fasteners. Fasteners could be Sari Silk Ribbon, or Fibers.  

 This great clay will accept many mediums. Choose either:  Gelatos, Spray Inks,  Paints, Mica Powders,  or Pearlized Sprays.    

After your medium of choice has dried on the cuff; use a thin polymer medium to seal it. Let it dry, until it is no longer tacky.

Add your fastener, some ephemera and enjoy!!

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