Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Memory Book

We've become rather fond of MCM in our household.  
(Mid-Century Modern describes an early 1950's style.) Retro colors and design are easily found or created. I wanted to create my own MCM Christmas book, with a cover page, focal point made in:
Activa's Modena Soft Polymer Air Drying Clay   

Now to gather the parts for my Merry Memory Book:
-Activa Modena Soft Air Drying Polymer Clay  
-6" x 6" Chipboard Book  
-6" x 6" Papers    
-Holiday Image printed on cardstock    
-Aleene's Tacky Glue   
-Adhesive Tape   
-Art Anthology Paints   
-Jute for trim  
-Red Foil Tape  
-Rubber Stamps  
-Palette knife  

I wanted the clay to have time to dry, so I rolled a portion into a thin sheet (about 1/16") and placed a piece of 5x5 chipboard over the clay to trim edges.

I used a rubber stamp to impress an image around the edges of my clay and then set aside to dry.

You can see that there is some shrinkage after drying. 

I painted the surface with my choice of paints and then a contrasting color through a stencil.

A corner rounder worked great on the dried clay edges.
Paper was adhered to the front and back chipboard covers.

The jute worked perfectly for a trim around the book covers.

Foil was used to edge the holiday image and Stickles added that touch of sparkle my book needed. 

I was thrilled with the variety of uses for our December partner's wonderful product.   -Trish Alger   

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