Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Activa Projects on the table!

Is the month of December getting away from you?  I know the feeling.  There is so much to do in such a short time.... somehow it happens every year, things get put off until December and then suddenly everything needs to be NOW! 

First, I have been working with Activa Fast Mache.  I have decided to make napkin rings for my Christmas dinner table!  I will be using candy molds purchased for crafting.  I will be pressing the Fast Mache into the mold.     Fast Mache is a fast drying instant paper mache and perfect for projects that you don't have days to wait to dry.

Activa Fast Mache
Container for water
Plastic bag
Paper towels
Craft mat - protect the table
To finish: Dew Drops, Glitter, Paint

There are several recipes for mixing Activa Fast Mache, per instructions for pressing in molds I used 3 parts Fast Mache to 1 part water.  Pour the ingredients directly into a plastic bag and mix well.

Dust the candy mold lightly with corn starch, tap out the excess.

Work the Fast Mache mixture into the mold, set aside to dry. Once dry gesso and paint, then decorate!!!  Can't wait to show them to you!
Second if you remember my earlier post HERE I was working on hot air balloons!
The second balloon is going to be covered with book text!  Strips of Vintage Text Papers were torn in strips approximately 1/2 inches.  For the length of strips: measure from the top of the balloon to the bottom add about an inch.

Using a non-food dish pour Tacky Glue and water it down...  with a paint brush apply to the dry Artiva Ridge Wrap balloon.
Starting at the top center apply strips, tucking about 1 inch inside the opening of the balloon,

Over lap each strip as you add them.

The balloon is ready to set aside to dry! 

Once it is dry I will be adding: