Sunday, November 29, 2015

Whew - Who knew Thanks included so much FUN?

I sure hope everyone had as wonderful a Thanksgiving week as we did.

I have no art for you due to all of the preparation for family and friends and festivity.   But I do have photos of our first annual 'Pie Fest'.

Yes, you may drool!   We had chocolate walnut pie, egg custard. pineapple chess pie, cherry cheesecake, raspberry galettes, lemon sunshine pie, pumpkin pecan and peanut butter cream pie.   All homemade and DELISH!

A little cheese, a little wine, some fruits and we were off to a great evening.   

As we all sat chatting I asked everyone to tell something that others may not know about them.   We had a person who lived through a tornado that leveled their town in Texas, one person had been a belly dancer, another was in a production of South Pacific.   It was so much fun learning things about friends!

We also had a competition windmill softball pitcher and a winner in track events of the hurdles - and they were Females!

Try this at your next gathering and who knows what you may learn!   

Enjoy your week and make sure to stop by daily to see the fantastic art of our team.  Next up for the month of December the team will be creating with products from Activa.  Get ready for some true mixed media items.   The team is challenged to really work out of the box.  

We will  be doing a giveaway of this wonderful book of instructions for working with Activa products.   Celluclay is a fantastic moldable, air dry clay perfect for jewelry and mixed media.

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