Saturday, November 7, 2015


We are so very Thankful for our Design Team 
and our Customers.

Family is such an important part of my life, this holiday is one of my favorites. It's a time to just enjoy each other and talk over a bountiful table of blessings. When I say family, it also means friends who join us. Create a thankful jar by having each person write why they are thankful and have everyone pick one from the jar & read it.

Preparing for the feast

Here is a creation for our Thanksgiving table.....

Each person will have one at the table.   

Here is the process...

Start with a wood ATB, you can sand it but not necessary.  I like a rustic finish for this project. 

Chalk paint is so perfect for this type of work.   Wood preparation is not needed.  Different brushes will provide differing results.  First I used a bristle brush to roughly apply the chalk paint with the dry brush technique (adding no water).


I then chose a second color and used a foam brush to apply paint with punchinella for a mottled appearance.  

I got excited and went a bit overboard with my paint!!!   BUT, it washes right off, that is the beauty of chalk paint.

I wanted you to see the difference between applying dry brush versus a wet brush with the punchinella.  You can see how distinct  the  coverage is with a dry brush and a bit more subdued and spread out with a wet brush.  

I sanded a bit around the edges for more texture and rustic finish.   I love rubber stamping but my fingers always get in the way and I invariably smudge or misalign something which is frustrating!  HOWEVER....

I DO LOVE stamp pads.  I use them for edging, coloring, adding textural interest and layers. So, my Staz-on Inkpads get a good workout in my projects.

I did a few simple sketches to calibrate size for the ATB

Then I used markers to draw on the ATB, coloring the squash  with Fall Colors.   You can seal the paints/markers but not necessary unless it may get wet or handled a lot. 


And there we are, ready to set the table. 

P.S.  I made the leaves glued together but not to the block, that way the leaves could be a lasting ornament or decoration and the ATB could be used again for the next Fall Dinner or as a shelf sitter.


Thanks for viewing today and have a safe and happy week.   Jean and the Team

Supplies used:

Jute cord
Assorted markers and glue
Silk leaves
Sharpie Pen


  1. What a fabulous idea! I really like this!

  2. this is brilliant and I have some wooden blocks I bought from you awhile back which I haven't yet used -- I should get to work on this! xo