Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Feature Artist Meri Wiley

We have the great honor to introduce you
to the amazing and talented

Meri Wiley of ImagiMeri’s Creations

Where do you gain most of your inspiration? I’ve been creating since I was a young child.  My entrepreneurial spirit surfaced early when I used to sell images of animals and my drawings to my classmates in 5th grade and went on to painting custom T-shirts at the age of 12 for co-workers of my father.  I’ve also sewn since I was 7 and began making clothing for others at the age of 13.  Both of my parents were exceptionally talented with my mother being a highly regarded watercolorist and sketch artist.  My father was a renaissance man and taught me gem cutting, lost wax casting, soldering, silversmithing, photography, wood working, to name just a few of the mediums I learned.  Most of my inspiration comes from my inner child, with whom I have regular contact with.  The wonder and awe that a child feels when they discover something new to them, is a constant with me.  I am able to relive this, especially now, with my grandchildren.  Nature is another constant inspiration for me and I’m always astonished to find patterns, colors and natural elements in my daily goings on.

 What is the one color you would use if you had no other?  When I was younger pink and purple used to be a favorite, then yellow and green.  For the past 30 years though, green has been my all time favorite.  It signifies new beginnings and life and I can’t imagine a world without it.


Are you a morning person or night person and how does that affect your art?Mornings, definitely as it’s the start of new day, new opportunities which in turn makes me an eternal optimist?  I actually feel like I’ve accomplished more in a day the earlier I get up.  Through my 20’s I never slept more than 3-4 hours a night as I was working multiple jobs, but I’ve been getting up near 5 a.m. since I can remember.  I especially loved getting up early with my dad and eating cereal and reading the funnies while he read the paper before going to work.  Once I get up, I’m ready to go so I’ll start crafting/creating right after my cup of coffee.

  • I’ve been published in Good Housekeeping magazine, Somerset Gallery magazine, and the Graphic 45 Blog.
  • I won First Place in a National Sister Cities essay contest in 1975
  • I have been a vendor at Phoenix ComiCon in 2015
  • I taught a class called “Whimsical Altered Canvas Dolls” at Art Unraveled in 2015

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  1. Nice to get to know you Meri! Your sculptures are simply stunning!

    1. Hi Tonya and thank you for the lovely compliment.

    2. As always, PROUD of my big sis!

  2. Meri has amazing creative talent. I am glad to call her friend. She us also the Queen of Paperclay which AlteredPages has in stock. www.alteredpages.com

  3. Meri, I am in awe of your talents. I love making things with clay, but I wish I could do what you do with it. Simply amazing work!!!

    1. Thank you Barbara that's very sweet of you.

  4. I really enjoyed seeing your 3D art! That mermaid is wonderful!!