Saturday, October 3, 2015


Never heard of an ATC (aka Artist Trading Cards), they are individual art miniatures which artist trade. It is believed trading ATCs began with M. Vänçi Stirnemann, who had trading sessions in Zurich, Switzerland in 1996. There are few rules or guidelines to art trading cards: they measure 2.5 x 3.5 inch size (64 x 89 mm), they are never sold, the artist signs and dates them. Since then hundreds of thousands, maybe millions have traded hands! (You may have heard of ACEO's or Art Card Editions and Originals.  The only difference between an artist trading card and an ACEO is that the ACEO’s are for sale – ATC’s are not.)

Falling Leaves Artist ~ Danie May

Cards are created flat and dimensional. Artist use various media including: pencils, pens, markers, watercolor, acrylic paints, papers, of collages, found objects, metals even fiber. carries all the products you need to create your ATCs. We even have ATC Kits!!!!



ATC Blanks  of medium weight papers

Bingo Cards  3 1/2" x 2"

Here are a few sample ATCs by our Design Team. Click on the links below to learn how they created them!

BOO Artist ~ Robin Horasanian
Altered Pages has kit to make ATCs!!! 
 Have you ever traded ATCs?  Are interested?  Please let us know in the comments below!


  1. I have traded ATC's for more years than I can remember! I am always up for a trade♥

  2. You can make backgrounds for several of them when you have a lot of time to spend in your craft room and then pull out one or two at a time on those days you're squeezing in your me-time. They are a great way to use of those leftover scraps of amazing paper or collage images that you just couldn't bear to toss from other projects!

  3. Fabulous! ATCs are so much fun to make. They are just the right size to make mini masterpieces.

  4. I love making ATCs. So many different things you can do with them.

  5. Hi, Yes I have done two swaps so far but as a beginner at this art form I would love a kit to help me along. Thank you Vicky R

  6. a treasure trove of gorgeous ATCs! xo