Saturday, September 19, 2015

Wrapping UP September

Can someone please tell me where the time is going?  

I am not 'wrapping' anything for my post but I am going to share our fabulous fall and Holiday kits with a tutorial on the Spooky Globe project I made for my Halloween home.

First let's look at some fantastic Kits we have for you....

Halloween has become one of the biggest reasons to decorate for many people, it's fun and colorful with so many possibilities. Obviously treats are a very important element....that's why you'll have fun with Pillow Pockets.... set of 6...

All you need is included for gifting to friends or hostesses or neighbors in the WRAP.   You fill it with candy, tea bags, gift cards or ???

These  Art Award Trophies are perfect for place settings at the dinner table....approximately 4-5 inches tall.

You get 4 Trophy 'loving cups', ribbon, collage and assorted one of a kind embellishments.  Of course, instructions are included.   You can be the perfect hostess or give as a gift.  So sweet on a shelf or mixed into your centerpiece.

NOW for the Spooky Ball Tutorial

Simple elements become an heirloom piece you will adore year after year.

Supply List;

1   clean candlestick*
1   4 inch clear glass christmas ornament (large size)
1   transparency image+ of your choice
1   bottle Chalkpaint black
1   paint brush or sea sponge or cheesecloth
E6000 or similar sturdy glue

  1. Start with a candle stick, it can be glass, metal or wood, dollar store buys are awesome.  Place the ornament into the candlestick to ensure that it fits.  If ornament is too big, either build up a neck with Paperclay* or use another candlestick.  
  2. Apply black chalkpaint, allow to dry.
  3. Cut image of your choice in a circle with a two inch long and approx 3/4 inch wide 'handle' on the bottom (you'll see why) as large as the glass globe. (flat but a circle)
  4. Go back to the candle stick and now apply a lighter color chalk paint with either a dry brush or some cheesecloth VERY lightly.   Allow to dry.   You can go back if desired and add a little more black sparingly to age or distress it. 
  5. NOW for the danger part!! PLEASE do so with caution.     Light a candle in a sturdy holder. VERY CAREFULLY hold the opening of the globe over the flame and you will see smoke swirl into the globe.  This gives an aged, dimensional appearance to the globe.   DO NOT allow the glass to touch the flame and DO NOT use a lighter or butane flame.  It is the cotton wick that produces the smoke.   Make it as dark or as light as you wish.                                                    If this makes you nervous, DO NOT DO IT
  6. Take your cut out transparency+ image and while holding the 'handle', roll the image onto itself.   This allows you to hold it and place it into the glass globe, sort of like a ship in a bottle would be done.  It will unfurl and fill the globe. DO NOT allow the handle to go into the globe or you may not be able to get it out.  Once you are happy that your image is centered inside the globe, take a toothpick of E6000 and put a dab on the inside of the globe base, apply the handle to the glue.  You may now cut the excess length off of the handle.   Do NOT allow the glue to enter into the globe so hold/place it upright in a cup until it is set.
  7. Place the globe into the candlestick and oooh and ahhh. You can add some moss or other embellishments if desired.  You can glue into place permanently or if it is snug, add no glue.

+ Our collage images are laser printed which means they will not bleed or smudge or run.  Anytime you want to decoupage, apply moist glues, etc. it is best to work with laser prints.  

Hope you liked this enough to try it out!

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  1. Lots of fun stuff in the shop and the Spooky Ball would be great for a Halloween party! Awesome project!

  2. I want to make one!!!! Thanks Jean for the idea!

  3. Wow!! This is so awesome!! I love the eerie feel of this creation, seriously a great on for Halloween.
    :D Thanks for sharing