Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This altered coffin trick is a real treat

Make someone's Halloween extra boo-ti-ful by giving them treats in an altered container. Hi, it's Betsy Skagen here, bringing you a spook-tac-ular way to make altered Halloween treat containers. 

First, use paint or a marker to color the inside of your treat coffin. 

Then fussy cut the Macabre Page Image to fit one side of the coffin. Cut out the center oval. 

Trace the right inside base of the coffin onto orange cardstock and cut out. (I suggest making a pattern if you are going to make more than one of these treat boxes). Adhere orange cardstock to right side base. 

Cut a long strip of black cardstock. The width of the strip should equal the depth of one side of the coffin. Form an oval by adhering the two ends of the strip. Make the oval slightly larger than the oval you cut out of the Macabre image. 

Secure the oval strip to the back of the Macabre image and place the entire thing in the coffin. Next, glue miniature skeleton bones inside the opening.

For the other side of the coffin, trace the base of the coffin onto some spooky tree paper and glue in coffin. Fussy cut a raven from Ravens Take Flight sheet. Adhere to Halloween-colored cardstock and trim to create a border. Adhere to tree with three-dimensional adhesive.

Use strong glue to adhere a raven (Or is it a crow? How the heck do you tell? Does anyone really care?)* to the end of the coffin.

Then tear the three raven/crows from the Black and Sepia sheet. Add black ink to the edges and adhere the image to the front of the coffin. That's all there is to it! If you wish, place a tiny glassine bag of treats in the coffin before closing. 

Great stuff you will need

Small wooden coffin
Black marker or Paint
Halloween tree cardstock
Orange cardstock
Miniature black crow
Miniature bones

* * * * * 

*You didn't really think I would leave you hanging, did you? If it is not breaking a cardinal rule, it is most certainly fowl play and could drive readers stark raven mad.  How to tell a raven from a crow


  1. What a really special little surprise for somebody! Marvelous idea - and terrific skills to accomplish it!

  2. I absolutely love this!! Such a fun creepiness!!

  3. I absolutely love this!! Such a fun creepiness!!

  4. Excellent project! and love your info on which bird is which!!! THANKS

  5. Great Halloween project, Betsy! Perfect table decoration.