Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Crepe Paper flower boxes

Hi Everyone,

Jess here and I have a confession to make.  I am the crazy lady that buys the half used rolls of crepe paper you donate to the thrift store.  Yes, I have crepe paper in many, many shades just waiting to be made into something wonderful.  Today I am going to share one way to make flowers using that leftover crepe paper.

Start by using your circle punch to cut out as many circles as you can.  Layer your crepe paper before you punch.  Trying to cut a single layer of crepe paper will leave you with tattered paper and make for lots of grumbling under your breath.  Also, don't worry if the circles aren't perfect you are going to be squishing them so some tattering won't be noticeable.

Once you have your circle cut you will want to grab your hot glue glue and place a tiny dot of glue in the center of one circle.  Place a second circle on top of the glue to make a tiny sandwich.  Keep layering your circles like this until you have at least 7-8 layers.

Grab the top circle and scrunch it toward the center.  Go through each layer scrunching each layer individually toward the center.  When you are done you will have a flower that looks like a carnation.

I just recently bought these 2x2 kraft boxes thinking they would be perfect to alter.  For this project I wanted the flowers to be the star so I simply wrapped the box with ribbon in colors that matched the flowers.  I attached the ribbon and flowers using double sided tape.  The tape will hold the flowers and ribbon on, but you can still easily pop them off to get the box open.

A very simple project that can have many uses.  These would make great shower favors- either wedding or birthday.  You can change the color of the flowers and easily make them into place card holders for a dinner, birthday, or holiday.

I love this adorable image from the Victorian Birthday Collage Sheet.  I hope you try making some flowers.  They look great when you use a large punch too.


  1. What a great tutorial! Love the flowers!

  2. Wonderful idea! I will have to try this sometimes. :-)

  3. Great info on the flowers. I hadn't thought about how difficult it would be to punch through one layer of crepe paper! Your flowers turned out pretty.

  4. I can now see why it is useful to be a crepe paper hoarder! great, another new craft addiction! fantastic project! xo