Friday, July 24, 2015

Thinking about back to school

Yes, even though summer is only half over it's time to think about back to school sales!  I've always liked the black and white speckled look of the composition books.  What a great pre-made background!  These handy little books are still required in a lot of schools.  You can find them pretty cheaply at dollar stores.  I had fun decorating this one!  

One of the fall fronds from the Fall Splendor collage sheet was printed on Craft Attitude film so that the words "COMPOSITION BOOK" would show through.  I ran the film through my sticker maker and you can't even see the adhesive.  You could use acetate, but I like the matte finish of the film because it blends well with the finish of the card stock, which was used for the rest of the images.
The Fall Splendor collage was printed three times.  One was 8.5 x 11 and two were 5 x 7 so that I could have leaves and flowers of differing sizes.  A few other collage images were added to complete the scene.  A list of collages is below.
I wrapped the yellow ribbon around the inside of the front cover and secured it with tape.  Then it was threaded through the black Bazzill border and the knot in the middle was glued to the cover.  Two of the "links" were cut off this border so it would fit the book.  I also glued down the ends of the black border using a pretty strong glue so that it would hold right through the ribbon.  A good quality double sided adhesive tape would work just as well.  Black bling was added for a little pizzazz.

Supplies used:
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  1. I love altering those black and white composition notebooks and always wait until Target clearance them out for dirt cheap. :-) Love how you only covered half of the notebook and let some of the cover show through. Awesome job!