Thursday, July 9, 2015

that warm glow . . .

I love candles, even during the summer, but there's something especially charming about that warm glow during the cooler fall months.  

Here is a collection of various glassware, altered to be used as candle holders, featuring Altered Pages collage images, Vintage Text pages  and more.  (If you've been around for a while, you may remember them from Altered Arts Magazine.)

You can probably tell these were pretty simple to make--just break out all the Altered Pages collage goodies and trims, and start gluing!

What's harder to see is that when the candles inside the holders are lit, the yellowed pages from the Vintage Text Pages, and the warm reds from the collage images, give off a really pretty glow.

(You can almost see what I mean, here  with the large altered vase)
Glassware & Candles

Have a creative Thursday, everyone!


  1. Very pretty. I can smell the cinnamon already.

  2. Great idea and perfect for gift giving too!

  3. Oh wow, Tonya, you are so right, it would make a great gift, like a set of three in a theme you know the recipient would love?


  4. Gluing sticks to the outside! I'm rushing off to buy cinnamon sticks! Great inspirations on these candles, Trisha!

  5. And those are just plain ol' sticks on mine, over some text pages, wrapped with a little twine--actual cinnamon would be fabulous!!!!

  6. These are so cool, Trisha! I love this idea!