Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Feature Author & Artist - Dianna Lynn Gardner

I have the great honor to know the amazing and talented Dianna Lynn Gardner
from the Pacific Northwest
I am in awe of all that Dianna has accomplished!  I have read her books and have commissioned her to do two paintings of our pets, which hang in our living room! It gives me great pleasure to introduce Dianna Lynn Gardner to you! ~ Lyneen

Dianne is an author and illustrator of YA adventure fantasy with a dab of historical content thrown in. Building worlds that might resemble the forests of her home in the Pacific Northwest, or the shimmering deserts of Arizona, add to that a pinch of magic dust and a few million stars and you just might find the portal to another Realm.


Happily married to a man that puts up with her celestial wanderings and wonderings, she is the mother of seven lovely adult children and grandmother to sixteen gorgeous boys and girls.

Dianne loves writing, painting in oils and living in other dimensions. Her books are middle grade to young adult adventure fantasies with dragons and wizards and sorcery and battles on the high seas. Her grandchildren are a big inspiration for her stories. There’s a shared camaraderie, something akin to what C.S. Lewis said about someday being old enough to enjoy fairy tales again.

Dianne has been painting in oils ever since she was a child. Her forte is portraits and she loves studying not only the physical features of a person to paint on canvas, but their personality, quirks, and unique beauty.

She's also been a member of Plein Air Washington and has studied with Ned Mueller and other plein air masters.

Right now she spends more time writing and illustrating. She has illustrated two children's books for other authors and has illustrated a host of book covers.

Stretching her tent stakes, she is working on an Indie Film production of her 5th book Cassandra’s Castle.
Cassandra’s Castle is a story about a teenager who, against sound advise, opens a portal to another world and time travels to the early 1900s. Arriving in a magical kingdom she meets Silvio the wizard and his Xylonites, the little people who inform her she's a princess.

Silvio would rather Cassie forget she is royalty, "Too many people wanting the Crown already!" The wizard's treaty with the king, and a magical alliance with the gypsies, play a part in the coming war.

But Cassie turns her back on him, swept away by a handsome cavalry officer, Valerio, who entreats her to join him in liberating the city of Alisubbo from a tyrannical ruler. Once she sympathizes with the rebels it is too late to turn back regardless of who the tyrant is.

Cassandra's Castle is adapted from the novel of the same name, which I authored and will be published in the near future. The story is inspired by the heart-wrenching tale of Portugal's last king, don Manuel II.

In 1908, when Manuel was 17 years old, his father and brother were murdered in an open carriage while returning from a trip. Manuel’s loss was phenomenal.  Forced to sit on a throne he was not prepared for, he ruled a nation in turmoil for as long as he could. Three years after the regicide the castle was bombed and Manuel and his mother were forced into exile never to return to their beloved Portugal.


Dianna Lynn Gardner's website: http://gardnersart.com
Art on her website:http://www.gardnersart.com/#!available-art/c1re5
Dianna Lynn Gardner's blog: https://diendrial.wordpress.com/


  1. Wow Such gorgeous paintings!! I will absolutely check out the movie when available!! Love the trailer!!
    Great to meet you Diana!! Thank you so much for interviewing here!
    Jackie P Neal

  2. Absolutely gorgeous art! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us!!

  3. Thank you so much for having me on your blog, and for all the kind comments! I do appreciate them!

  4. Nice to meet you Dianne! Your painting are gorgeous!

  5. Fabulous volume of work. Great Talent! THANKS

  6. Dianne, thanks so much for being a feature author artist at Altered Pages!

  7. what a lovely profile! the art is inspiring and I plan to check out her books! xo

  8. what a lovely profile! the art is inspiring and I plan to check out her books! xo

  9. what a lovely profile! the art is inspiring and I plan to check out her books! xo

  10. Amazing portraits, and such a wonderful story. You are very inspiring and I am so glad to have the good fortune to read all about you and view your artwork.

  11. Thank you so much Michele and Barbara!