Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Feature Artist Diana D Darden

We are honored to have Diana D Darden
Minneapolis, MN
as our Feature Artist this week
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Who has inspired you the most strongly in your art?
I am not sure that it is a who, as much as “a what”... I would have to say, growing up as an army brat and moving every two-3 years, my eyes were open to so many places, colors and people. My parents were advocates of showing us as many places as they could. We melded into the different cultures (Central America and the Middle East) and that is what has been so powerful in my life as far as creating art. I also was very drawn to little things during those travels... papers especially. That is probably why I love collage so much… all of the mix of everything!
Both of my parents were creative in their own way, my mother painted, and my dad liked to write, so I guess it is in my bones on some level.
A color wheel I made. for some reason,
I have always loved this. I loved making it.


Where do you feel most comfortable creating?
I love being in my studio in our home, I see it as a beautiful mess, where I am surrounded by the things that inspire me to work. I have been doing this for so long, that I have drawers, bins and boxes of interesting things that I can use.
I have my table set up, so that it faces a window looking at a park. 
I share my studio, with my puppy, Flora Adora. When it is her naptime, she sleeps in a file drawer next to my worktable. 
Mixed media on canvas
What is your favorite subject matter or style?
I love collage/mixed media, I think of all of my work as a collage... I mixed all different materials, and make shrines, bracelets, work on canvas, and any other surface! 
I love using images of the Virgin Mary. They are so beautiful and a few years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer (cancer free now!!) and found something very peaceful and nurturing about working with her images. I had always used them, but I think they became more meaningful to me during that time.

Patron saint bracelet
Mixed media shrine

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  1. Nice to get to know a little about you Diana! Love the design, colors and textures of your work :-)

  2. I enjoyed reading more about Diana. Her art is very inspiring♥

  3. Hi Diana. Your shrines are inspiring. I've been working on several of my own, so it is good to see how wonderfully yours turned out. I especially like the two posted on your website as well. Look forward to seeing more from you!

    1. thank you carol!! i would love to see your shrines!!!

  4. Lovely interview! Diana is such a wonderful artist, and i admire her lovely spirit and gorgeous work thank you for featuring her. xo

  5. Great interview! Love your work!

  6. Oh, I love your color wheel idea! Your art is beautiful, Diana. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. I really enjoyed reading all about you, Diana. I love your work, as always, and I am intrigued by your color wheel. I may be inspired to try one myself some day. <3