Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Treasure Hunting!

Pockets with Fun Surprises!

The theme for these pockets is Stamps/Post Office. I like stamps even though I have never collected them.

I love alteredpages.com vintage stamp images!
They blend with the color scheme, and I add bits of color too.

Then fill with fun supplies such as the one's available from
Order Treasure Packs from alteredpages.com !!

Order Treasure Packs each one unique!

I hope you give this a try soon!

See you next time:
Corinne Marie

Glue, tape, Scissors etc.

Please come join
a fun pocket letter swap!!
Here's how to join:

2. At top of the group page the “EVENT” will be pinned. You can access the SWAP via this link. ...
3. Or click the “events” under the banner to get to the event listings page, and click into the swap.
4. Once you are on the “events” page, you must click up in the upper right hand corner to join.
5. Now you are registered and will be on the list for the swap….this is how you are allowed into the SWAP! At this point you can access the free collage selections for use in your pages.
6. The swap will be open on June 1 and sign ups accepted until June 20. 
7. On June 21-- A listing of random partners will be created and posted on the event page June 22. 
8. You have until June 30 to mail out your Pocket Letter to your partner.  

I hope you come and be a part of this fun swap!!


  1. Nice altered pocket page, Corinne. I think a stamp theme on a letter is a cute idea.

  2. Very clever - and it looks terrific. I ordered a pocket page kit from Altered Pages and it has arrived - I've looked through it and I love all the little goodies in there! But I just can't dig my way to free time! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. once you start y ou will not want to stop!!

  3. Awesome pocket letter and theme!

  4. Wonderful array of fun goodies! Your lay outs are always a treat for the eye.

  5. I am hooked on pocket letters♥ Another great pocket letter!

  6. Another fun pocket letter idea, thanks for sharing another good idea. And they are quite addictive once you get started!