Thursday, June 11, 2015

one + one + one = this post!

1.  As you probably know, Altered Pages is partnering with Pocket Letter Pals this month for a super swap.  (Not sure what Pocket Letter Pals are?  Check out the video in THIS POST by Barbara.)

2.  You are probably also up on the fact that Father's Day is this month--Sunday, June 21. 

3.  You probably are NOT aware that, for the last 27 years, I have been the very happy Vice President in Charge of Everything at The Baseball Card Store.  That, my friends, is why I am no stranger to the 9 Pocket Page.  (If you don't know what a 9 Pocket Page is, please see the aforementioned video in #1!)  (And yes, really and truly, that is our only income--we play with sports cards and vintage toys for a living!)

ANYWAY, I'm gathering up some of the great sports related collage pages available at Altered Pages, perfect for creating some fun Father's Day themed Pocket Letters.
See the binder full up of 9 pocket pages??  Those baseball card sized pockets are perfect for organizing bits and pieces ready for ATC sized art--backgrounds, cut out collage images, bits of trim, etc.  And most brands are acid free nowadays, perfect for preserving those finished (and traded) artistic endeavors.

I'm particularly fond of this collage page featuring old tobacco cards--most of the ones on this page are images from 1906, and are generally referred to as T206s.  (These cards were inserts found in cigarette packages, thus the name "tobacco cards.") 

Baseball   Golf  Fishing  Hockey  Wine  Boxing  Art/Music  Horses  Cars Travel  Trains  Chess  Cowboys  Firefighting  Pirates  Aliens  (Click on any of these links to find the perfect collage pic for a one-of-a-kind, made-with-love Father's Day card for the dad in your life!)

And don't forget about the Pocket Letters swap-here's the details:
2. At top of the group page the “EVENT” will be pinned. You can access the SWAP via this link. ...
3. Or click the “events” under the banner to get to the event listings page, and click into the swap.
4. Once you are on the “events” page, you must click up in the upper right hand corner to join.
5. Now you are registered and will be on the list for the swap….this is how you are allowed into the SWAP! At this point you can access the free collage selections for use in your pages.
6. The swap will be open on June 1 and sign ups accepted until June 20. 
7. On June 21-- A listing of random partners will be created and posted on the event page June 22. 
8. You have until June 30 to mail out your Pocket Letter to your partner.  

Thank you for stopping by today, and a Happy Thursday to you!


  1. I used to collect hockey cards. I have a whole bookcase full of binders just collecting dust. How cool to handle them for a living! Thanks for helping with all those links so we can all make Dad the perfect card.

    1. Thanks for sharing your passion for playing!

  2. This is totally fabulous for those of us, especially, who have trouble with the masculine side of art. And thanks for the direct links to all of those great images for the men in our lives.