Sunday, June 7, 2015


Hello to everyone around the world.   

June is such a treat for our eyes.    Pocket Altered Pages allows each Design Team Artist an opportunity to share many pieces of Art each day.  

I look at these projects as multiple artistic creations.   Each pocket insert is as unique as the artists wants it to be.    

Our embellishments and papers make for such wonderful inspiration.    

Holidays are a perfect time to mail a special surprise Pocket Letter ™.

Simple elements can become extreme mini creations. Cupcake papers are fabulous, as above.  

I like to wrap twine or ribbon around a pocket insert, which allows the recipient to use it for other projects.

See our 3000+ collages and find the perfect images for your pockets!   

Join the FUN this month with our swap.   You can receive a free collage just for participating, a Pocket Altered Page from your swap partner and maybe even a random drawing winner of a Pocket Altered Page Art Kit.

Thanks to Corrine Marie and Lyneen Jesse for making this month such a good time for us all!  

Here is the info on how to join our swap!  You do not want to miss this.   
 How to join the swap: How to join the Pocket Altered Pages swap!
1. Go to On FACEBOOK
2. At top of the group page the “EVENT” will be pinned. You can access the SWAP via this link. ...
3. Or you can click the “events” under the banner to get to the event listings page, and click into the swap.
4. Once you are on the “events” page, you must click up in the upper right hand corner to join the swap.
5. Now you are registered and will be on the list for the swap….this is how you are allowed into the SWAP! At this point you can access the free collage selections for use in your pages.
6. The swap will be open on June 1 and sign ups accepted until June 20.
7. On June 21-- A listing of random partners will be created and posted on the event page June 22.
8. You have until June 30 to mail out your Pocket Letter to your partner.
9. PLEASE connect with your partner to get address information. You may want to decide what kind of Pocket Altered Pages theme/colors/ topic you wish to send to each other.

10. International Swappers are invited, however, postage costs will vary from country to country. 


  1. It's been a fun first week of June. Everyone's designs have been fun!

  2. I love creating the pages!!! Love the idea of using cupcake papers!!!

  3. Wonderful creations by the team this past week. Can't wait to see what happens next week!!