Friday, May 15, 2015

Pretty AND Functional

Today I have a quick little project using Altered Pages products and a perforated aluminum sheet from MD Hobby and Craft.  Sometimes you feel like getting your craft on, but you just don't have a ton of time. 
Well, this is the perfect project for just that purpose. 
To make it even more appealing, it serves a purpose!
I have made a jewelry corral using the perforated aluminum sheets in the 1ft x 2ft size and I chose the Union Jack pattern.  I use the word corral because keeping all of my jewelry contained to one spot is like herding kittens.  It's a little industrial, a little boho chic, yes! I love the size. If I can keep most of my regular "go to" pieces close at hand it won't get out of control.  So, this is going to be short and sweet description for the corral itself and then I will have a brief description of some of the actual jewelry adorning the display.  It also comes from Altered Pages. 
I have gathered all of lovelies that will find new life here. 
I plan on using Sari Silk ribbons as the oh so pretty to look at mechanics of this. 
 Let's get started!
Okay, so that was basically it. 
I weaved the Sari Silks into the upper corners and anchored them with a big knot. 
I think it would look great to add into this a couple big beds or coins. 
I also added a few more pieces into the bottom corners. 
I really had to just stop myself otherwise, there would not have been room for jewelry.
It will be fun filling this up with all of my little treasures.
Here is a close up of the jewelry I mentioned that you can find kits to create your very own  here.  
These cute and original jewelry is made with the kits in the link above, collage images and some cute little charms.  These are so simple to make and they can be done in any theme, for anyone for any time of year.  I have a couple adorable necklaces with Holiday images, but those are put away with my Christmas stash.  I even have an Edgar Allen Poe themed one for Halloween. 
I can't get enough, no seriously.  I can't even.  :-)
Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!
Supplies used:
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  1. I bet it looks great in person. just dawned on me, the antique safety pins we sell would be perfect for "hanging" jewlery from the grid.

  2. Lovely "corral" for your jewelry, Steph. And I agree with Jean about the antique safety pins. They would really show off some of the smaller pieces nicely.

  3. You can never have too much organization. Those Sari silk ribbons add a nice pop of color.