Friday, May 29, 2015

Kitchen Memo Board

Hello friends!  I have a magnetic memo board project for you today.  My kitchen is decorated with roosters so that's the theme I went with for my memo board.  And while I'm still deciding if it is going to stand on the counter or hang on the wall by the door, I think this fits in beautifully with my d├ęcor.

I started with a 12" x 12" magnetic steel plate from MD Hobby & Craft.  I don't have any steel in my kitchen and my appliances are all white so I knew I would be covering the entire sheet.

I had this old-fashioned catalog print scrapbook paper from one of the old retired Mailbox Muse kits.  It fits perfectly with the homey feeling of the roosters on the Altered Pages Year Of The Rooster collage sheet.  Spray glue was used to coat the sheet and adhere the scrapbook paper because it covers evenly and doesn't add any bulk the way a layer of wet glue might.  The paper was trimmed a little smaller so that I wouldn't have any issues fitting it all on the metal sheet.  I went around the edges of the entire sheet with StazOn Spiced Chai brown ink. 

The red rooster image was enlarged by copying and pasting him into Word and then printed.  I went to Office Max and had him done on regular paper and laser ink so that it wouldn't add bulk and wouldn't smear...because at that time I wasn't quite sure how the board would shape up.  The sheet was also printed at regular size.  All of the images were cut out and had the same ink dabbed all the way around the edges to distress them a little bit.

I used spray glue on the back of the red rooster, too.  A wonderful thing happened when I stuck him down.  The print shows through his beige feathers and helps blend the background into the foreground.  Happy accidents are the best!

To keep the papers from scratching when I use magnets on it, the entire project was sprayed with a matte finish.  Then I added one of the ribbons from my stash around the edges to complete the project.  Now it's all ready for memos, keys, and coupons. 


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  1. Beautiful and useful too! Great job Robin!

  2. What a darling creation. We adore that collage and love that it was printed to allow the background paper to show through. Laser printing is the best when working with liquids like lacquers or wet glues and mediums.

  3. Oh Robin, this is fabulous! I love the roosters on your memo board, and they are very fitting for a kitchen. Love it so much, and especially your "happy accident" with the script showing through. Sometimes it's the little things that make us happiest.

  4. I love the memo board♥ I have a Chicken kitchen!